2013 Topps series 1 HTA Jumbo box – the hits

10 02 2013

Wrapping up my 2013 Topps series 1 HTA jumbo box.  This post is – as they say – just the hits, ma’am!

Last year I had one of the better pulls of the my life in 2012 series 1.  Well, I didn’t get a Henry Aaron auto in this box.  But I did get a Hall of Famer’s autograph.  You’ll have to scroll to the bottom to find that one out.

Let’s do the manufactured patch first.  I got a Hall-of-Famer – Catfish Hunter, a deceased HOF-er who died too young (keep that in mind for later).  These are uber-thick.  Like the equivalent of 20 regular cards or something.  I wish I had paid attention to how many cards were really in the pack that had this – I could have figured that out.  There are three of these award winner manu-patches; I like the MVP ones the best from pictures I’ve seen, and probably like the Silver Sluggers better than this one.  But they all look pretty cool.

2013 Topps s1 box Catfish Manu relic

Next up is the regular relic.  Not a surprise – this comes from the Chasing History set, which is a regular insert set designed for patches to be included.  I got Carlos Santana.  I said it in my post the other day – the regular cards aren’t my favorite cards out there because of the patch thing, but I do think this is a very good picture for this design.  And with the patch, it looks pretty cool.

2013 Topps s1 box Santana Chasing History relic

And that leads me to my last “hit”.  This is the auto.  Another “deceased Hall of Famer” who died too young.

2013 Topps s1 box Carter Chasing History auto

Getting an autograph of a deceased HOF-er is pretty cool.  It was a pretty exciting pull, though I saw so many of these on eBay that it looks like Topps did a sticker dump of “the Kid”.  I could probably sell this to defray some of the cost of the box – it would get me about $15-$20.  I don’t think that’s worth it, it’s kind of cool to have an autographed card of Carter.




5 responses

10 02 2013

If you are trying to complete the set let me know what you need I have doubles….

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10 02 2013
30-Year Old Cardboard

Very nice pulls, Congrats!!

10 02 2013

I have doubles if your looking to finish a set I would also like to trade for any of the 72 minis you have extra..

11 02 2013

Hey Jim, hope things are well! The box I got actually finished off the base set for me, but I’d be up for any potential trades. Don’t have a ton of doubles at the moment.

11 02 2013

I just busted 2 boxes of 95 Topps for my set I am going through your 95 want list now and will send you what I pull. I need your address since you moved since last we traded. You can email me at crawfordjim@yahoo.com

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