2013 Topps series 1 HTA jumbo – parallels

6 02 2013

Yesterday the base cards, today the parallels.  You get 1 “foil” parallel card per pack out of the HTA jumbo box – so I got 10 of those cards.  Technically, I believe they are called Emerald Foil.  They come 1:6 in regular hobby packs.

2013 Topps s1 Emerald Parallel

Except for the color, these cards are very similar to the Golden Moments parallel from last year.  The 2011 Diamond cards were different, but the last two years have the same type of “etching” (for lack of a better word).

I said this last year, but this is a good example of “going to the well” a bit too much.  Still, I like these better than the Gold ones, and I like them better than the next parallel, which has really been to the well quite a bit:

2013 Topps s1 box Gold

Topps Gold, numbered /2,013.  These have existed every year since I’ve been back to collecting Topps, and a few more as well.  I think the Gold actually takes away from the design – I like the look of the base cards better.

I didn’t pull any of the numbered parallels – camouflage (/99), pink (/50) or black (/63) in my box.  Or silk cards, which are kind of parallel, kind of insert.  Not sure what that says about the box in general.

The one good thing I’ll say about all these parallels – they do look pretty nice when you put together a rainbow!  I think I’m going for one of the Darwin Barney card.




5 responses

6 02 2013
Ryan H

I’d like to try and get both of those Machado parallels from you if you are willing to trade them. Let me know if they are for trade and I’ll see what I can find for you

11 02 2013

Sorry, Ryan – those seem to be popular, they got spoken for already…

6 02 2013

If you are willing to deal one or both of the Machado paralells, I would like to work out a trade. I bought a jumbo HTA box, but am not keeping many of the inserts, so they are all mostly up for trade.

6 02 2013

I like the emerald parallels a LOT more than the “golden showers” of 2012. Sure they are the concept, but the cascading green looks better than cascading urine any day.

6 02 2013

I have 16 2012 Topps inserts, plus 18 2012 Topps Update cards from your want lists and would be willing to make a deal for the 2 Machado parallels. Let me know if we can work out a deal.

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