Go Blue!

2 02 2013

I don’t post about it all that often, but some of my first memories of sports other than Reds games come from the Fab Five.  I’ve been a University of Michigan sports fan my whole life, but the Fab Five really got me into basketball.  Michigan has had some down days in hoops since then, and the banners from the 1992 and 1993 Final Four were taken down in Crisler Arena.

3 Jalens

Jalen Rose is still my favorite athlete in any sport, and I collect his cards – some of the better of which are shown above.

Fab 5 Michigan cards

Michigan’s hoops team made a big stride last week, reaching #1 in the AP poll for the first time since the 1992-1993 season.  I’ve seen them play once this year – we went to the game here in Chicago when they played Northwestern in early January.  They are the real deal – Trey Burke is probably the front-runner for player of the year, and three sons of former NBA players (Tim Hardaway, Jr., Glen Robinson III and Jon Horford) are all contributing.

They have a huge game tonight against #3 Indiana.  I don’t have the greatest hope for this game – it’s in Bloomington, and the starting center Jordan Morgan may not be able to play after badly spraining his ankle last weekend.  So their stay at #1 could just end up being for a week.  But if they do win, they’d also have a really good chance at overtaking Kansas for the top spot in the USA Today coaches poll (they are just 3 points behind at the moment).  Either way, they are good and it’s been fun to watch after the program has been on a steady upward trend the past few years.

I haven’t watched Game Day yet because I’m working today, but recorded it and will watch it before the game tonight.  Should be very interesting since Jalen himself is on College Game Day this year!





3 responses

2 02 2013

Outstanding post! GO BLUE!

2 02 2013

Better not let the NCAA see this post…they think Michigan didn’t have a team in those years.

I hate redactions.

2 02 2013

The NCAA is very confused

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