My favorite action photos from Topps in the 1980’s

27 01 2013

Continuing on with my “completed decades” post.  This top listing goes completely on the photo itself – who the player is doesn’t really impact it.  These are the “action” variety best of the decade.  I’m going to just do a top 5 of these.  Of course these are just my favorites – so let me know if you’ve got some others you’d include!

Honorable mention – 1980 Gary Carter, 1981 Kent Tekulve, 1985 Topps Darryl Strawberry

5) 1989 Topps #231 – Padres TL (R. Alomar)

1989 Topps best action Padres TL

There aren’t very many action cards in the 89 Topps set – in fact, the Team Leaders by far have the best action shots.  This one features Roberto Alomar sliding around Gary Carter at the plate.  It makes my top 5 over some of the cards that had honorable mention from above.

4) 1983 Topps #768 – Chris Speier

83 Topps best action Speier

I had assumed Gary Carter’s card would win this when I was doing my completed set post for 1983 Topps.  But when I flipped through the cards one last time I noticed Speier tagging out a diving/jumping/flying Derrel Thomas in a photo that you just didn’t see in cards from the early 80’s.  Or from cards of any time in the 80’s, really.  There are a number of really good photos in the 1983 set – but this one was the best!  About the only thing that keeps it from being closer to the top of my list is that it looks like a Spring Training game.

3) 1985 Topps #10 – Robin Yount

1984 Topps Yount

The photography in the 1984 set isn’t the greatest.  Across the board it just doesn’t compare to the 1983 set.  But I’ll take this action shot – an in-action photo of a hall of fame player – over anything else Topps put out in the 80’s.  Except for two other cards…

2) 1987 Topps #653 – Kevin Mitchell

1987 Topps Mitchell

Mitchell sliding into home with an incredible cool “while the dust settles” moment.  The best action shot in a regular card from the decade – but not the best in the whole decade…

1) 1982 Topps #111 – Cartlon Fisk IA

1982 Topps IA Fisk

Of course a card from the subset titled “In Action”.  It’s definitely the best action shot in the 1982 Topps set, and for my money, Fisk reaching out for a foul pop is the best action shot in the whole decade!




2 responses

29 01 2013
30-Year Old Cardboard

I’m happy to see that Fisk card make the list – It has always been a ’30-YOC’ favorite!

29 01 2013

Not just made the list – the top card! He’s got a shot for the 90’s, too (when I get to it) for his 1991 card.

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