The best Reds cards from Topps in the 1980’s

23 01 2013

Next up I’m going to do some of the top cards from the 1980’s decade in Topps.  And first I’ll do the best Reds cards of the decade.  When I consider this, I’m going to consider this from a pure Reds fan standpoint – not necessarily what is the best Topps card that happens to be a Red – but the cards that are the coolest to me as a Reds fan.  I didn’t have a set number in mind when I did this, but I figure there are at least 10 great Reds cards in this decade, so I’m going with that.

10) 1986 Topps #1 – Pete Rose

1986 Topps Pete Rose card 1

I’m not a big fan of Rose any more (I find betting on baseball the most appalling of sins a player could commit, and even more than that – I find it very hard to be a fan of someone who went out of his way to lie to the world for 15 years), but this card represents something that brings a lot of pride to native Cincinnatians.  Long before Big Mac and Sosa were roiding their way to the record book, Rose was breaking one of the most hallowed records in the books.  This card kind of represents that – Rose got card #1 for his feat, and Topps also did a 6-card subset to honor his career.

9) 1983 Topps #60 – Johnny Bench

83 Topps last card Bench

The last Topps card of the best catcher of all-time (or, at least his last regular Topps card).

8) 1988 Topps Traded #98T – Chris Sabo XRC

88 TT Sabo

Spuds MacKenzie took the town, the All-Star game and the Rookie of the Year award by storm in 1988, and this was his first Topps card that year.

7) 1988 Topps #150 – Eric Davis

1988 Topps Eric Davis

One of my favorite sets and one of my favorite players, in a great pose showing off his swing.

6) 1986 Topps #85 – Tony Perez

86T best pics_3

This was my favorite Reds card from this set – old school and new school meet in one of the cooler cards you can find out there.

5) 1985 Topps #627 – Eric Davis RC

1985 Topps eric davis RC

A cool-looking Rookie Card, and it’s of one of my favorite players of all-time.

4) 1980 Topps #400 – George Foster

1980 Big Red 3

I wrote about this card in my completed set for 1980 Topps – where this was my 2nd favorite card of the set.  I’ll recap that here.  It looks like he’s not really in the background, kind of like a 1970′s television show opening intro.  And it’s a Big Red Machine member.  Honorable mention goes to Nolan Ryan and Andre Dawson.

3) 1985 Topps #600 – Pete Rose

85T BRM Rose

Narrowly beats out the Davis RC, but Rose coming back to Cincinnati was too big of a deal to ignore his first card back in a Reds uniform.

2) 1987 Topps #648 – Barry Larkin RC

1987 Topps Larkin

It’s probably not the best photo, but it’s not a bad one.  And it’s

  • a) the rookie card
  • b) of a Hall of Famer
  • c) who played his whole career for the Reds
  • d) who was born in raised in Cincinnati (the first non-NY guy to make the HOF playing his entire career for his hometown team), AND
  • e) it’s from the 1987 Topps set which is one of my favorites.

1) 1986 Topps #206 – Pete Rose

86T Pete Rose cards

See the card at the top of this countdown for my reasoning.  Except this is the card that represents the record, and shows Rose breaking Cobb’s record.




5 responses

23 01 2013

Always loved the ’86 Rose and ’86 Perez. Great cards!

23 01 2013

What? No 1984 Kelly Paris?

23 01 2013

Haha! I had to look that one up – I do remember seeing that card and thinking “whoa”. If you’ll notice – this list is a bit skewed toward my “reds heroes” as opposed to some of the more interesting photos. I guess that’s just the way I look at it, at least for my Redlegs!

23 01 2013

The ’86 Perez was always one of my favorites from that set, if not the favorite. Even though it is a mid 80’s set, I always considered that card a passing of the baton from the 70’s to the 80’s.

23 01 2013

Yeah – there are a ton of great Reds cards in the 80’s. Not quite so many in the 90’s, I think.

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