Topps in the 80’s – last active player

17 01 2013

Last active player from this decade: #122T – Omar Vizquel, 1989 Topps Traded


Naturally, this would come from the Traded set from the last year of the decade.  Omar Vizquel and Jamie Moyer both played in 2012, and they are each one of only 29 players to play in 4 different decades.

Vizquel played his last game for Toronto on October 3rd last year, the last game of the season.  The Blue Jays moved him back to short for one last game after he’d only played 2-3x a week at 2B or 3B over the final 2 months.  Unfortunately, he didn’t turn a double play that game, though no player in history has turned more.  He went 1 for 3 to finish his career with 2,877 hits, the most of any player from Venezuela.  He has over 400 stolen bases, and over 1400 runs.  Possibly the greatest defensive shortstop in history, he has the highest fielding percentage of any MLB shortstop, he’s played in the most games at that position, and his game on October 3rd is the standard for the oldest player to play that position (a record he’d broken earlier in the year).

1989 Topps last active Moyer

Moyer would be the last active player in the decade if you didn’t include Traded sets – and who knows, he hasn’t officially retired, so he could pass Vizquel back up.




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