Topps Flagship sets for the 1980’s – FINITO (how I completed the decade)

14 01 2013

I finished off the last card of the last set of the base Topps sets for the 1980’s at the end of November.  I guess that means I got it all in by the end of 2012.  Cool beans.  Anyways, I think this deserves a little bit of a celebration on this blog.  I’m one-third of the way there on my Lifetime Topps Project.  Or at least the base card part of my project.

So, the rest of January is officially 1980’s month here on the LTP blog.  And the way I want to celebrate it is to copy the standard posts that I do when I finish off a set – except here I finished off a decade.  I’ll break off each of the sections I do for an individual completed set into an individual post for that decade.  And the first two I’ll do are in this post:

Card that completed my set decade: #21 – Ripken Jr. RC / Schneider RC / Bonner RC

1982 Topps Ripken RC

Pretty cool that this was the card that sowed it all up for the 1980’s.  Although I’d have rather pulled the card in either the wax box or the vending box.  Actually, I’d have rather pulled it in both.  But I didn’t, and because I’m mostly trying to trade for singles of the base set, this stood outstanding until I found a good copy on eBay a little over a month ago for under 20 bucks.

The order that I completed the sets and how completed were

  1. 1986 – #500 Rickey Henderson (completed in a trade with MadduxGlavineSmoltz)
  2. 1987 – #385 Orel Hershiser (trade with Night Owl)
  3. 1980 – #700 – Rod Carew (obtained from the Diamond Giveaway)
  4. 1981 – #218 Paul Splittorff (purchased on Sportlots)
  5. 1984 – #251 Tony Gwynn (purchased on Sportlots)
  6. 1985 – #760 Nolan Ryan (purchased on Sportlots)
  7. 1983 – #163 Cal Ripken (purchased on COMC)
  8. 1989 – #289 Ernie Whitt (trade with Scott Crawford)
  9. (8 tie, actually) 1988 – #393 Gary Carter AS (trade with Scott Crawford)
  10. 1982 – #21 Cal Ripken RC (purchased on eBay)

That’s funny – I actually completed 5 of the sets via a purchase, but I actually bought very few cards toward this.  I would get antsy when I was down to a few cards and it’d been a while since I’d had a trade for those cards.  You’ll see in the next section…

How I put my set decade together:

The total number of cards, including the Topps Traded sets, was 8,976 for the decade.

  • 45.7% (4,102) from wax boxes
  • 21.6% (1,939) from other forms of original Topps packaging – 1,240 from vending boxes, 296 from Jumbo Packs, 279 from a Cello Box, 122 from Rack Packs, 2 from a 1983 Michigan Test pack
  • 14.5% (1,301) from trades – led by Baseball Cards Come to Life with 214
  • 4.2% (380) cards I already had at home in good condition – all 1986
  • 0.5% (41) single card purchases – 38 from Sportlots, 1 from a card shop (80 Schmidt), 1 from COMC (83 Ripken), 1 from eBay (82 Ripken)
  • 0.3% (25) from other methods – 13 from a Target Re-pack and 12 from the Diamond Giveaway
  • 13.2% (1,188) from purchasing the Traded boxed sets

I’m glad I’ve tracked this.  I wasn’t at the very start, and had to do some deductive reasoning to figure out the first few sets about 2 years ago.  Pretty cool how it’s all come together.  Of course if I did this for insert sets I’m collecting, it would be skewed completely the other way.

So that’s the first celebration of completing the 1980’s decade.




3 responses

12 03 2013
Roberta Wood

Hi – I acquired a card that I can’t find anywhere or any info on it. It is the Number 21 card for 1982 Topps future stars. All the cards I have researched all have the 3 players on the front. My card has only Cal Ripken. However the back of the card lists out all 3 players (Bob Bonner, Cal Ripken, Jeff Schnider). Can you tell me if this is a misprint or what I actually have?

12 03 2013

I’ve never seen it. Are you sure it’s a 1982 card? Maybe it’s a reprint of some sort. Could be a variation like you mentioned.

13 08 2016
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