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2 01 2013

2012 in the Lifetime Topps Blog

My blog obviously follows my collections a bit, so what I wrote about in yesterday’s post is similar from a content perspective.

Stats – Ultimately, this stuff is in the category of completely useless but very interesting to me.  I’ve always loved statistics, which is a big reason I collect baseball cards.

This was my second full year of blogging.  I started in March 2010, but I really started posting consistently around September of that year.  I posted 91 times in 2010, 320 times last year, and 333 times in 2012.  That’s a lot of posting.  I won’t post as much next year – my job is harder, I have a kid now, and we have more friends around now that we live in Chicago.

All that stuff is really cool (well, the job part isn’t), but it means less time for cards.  I’ve actually been planning for this for a while – like last summer – and I’m slowing down my posts to 5x a week or so right now.  Eventually I think I’ll settle at around to being an every other day blogger. There were only 33 days that didn’t feature a post this year; that’s a lot of blogging.  At one point, I posted every single day from the end of October 2011 to March 2012.

I had a goal toward this last year:

8) Blog Posting – 250+ posts.  I thought I’d decrease last year, but I actually increased posting a little, so I can pat myself on the back there!

I do find it amusing to look at some of the site stats on WordPress.  I don’t worry too much about readership – except I do hope my blog helps me generate trades.  Here’s some things I noticed:

  • My overall readership has gone up with the posting, not surprisingly.  “Lifetimetopps” had around 3,500 hits in 2010, while finished 2011 with around 32,000 for the year.  In 2012, this more than doubled – the blog finished with just under 70,000 views.  I wonder what will happen to this in 2013 with me posting less – we’ll see!
  • This blog’s “hits” per day increased from around 100-120 during the last half of 2011 to a peak of 225 in October, but it’s currently getting about 160 (averaging 190 for the year).  I’m not really sure what all that means – is that “readership” – or automatic “clicker-ship” from junk sites, maybe?
  • My busiest day by far was on October 18th.  I had a whopping 981 hits.  I should have figured some way to cheat to get 19 more to make it a cool grand.  I’ve never had a day other than that above 500.  In 2011 the previous high was around 380 – which I learned that a chat room had found my post about the 1984 Topps card of Darryl Palmer from the movie “Slugger’s Wife” – that’s a difficult scan to find so a lot of people clicked from that.  For the 981 hits on 10/18, there was something similar going on.  My 1963 statistics post got about 700 hits, and the search term was some variation of “what do Elston Howard and Sandy Koufax have in common”.  They were the 1963 MVP’s – and they wore #32.  That must have been a trivia question on a radio show or something that day.
  • WordPress lists my top views of all time as the home page (which I think usually means the post of the day but people clicked on the whole blog not the post) with nearly half of my “hits” .  My Topps wantlist (trades – yay!) and “About” page are still the busiest individual pages.  After that is that 1963 stats page is the most popular individual post – almost all due to that one day!  The other wantlist pages I have are also up there.  Other popular individual posts of all-time is the summary of the 1985 Reds season and the review of the 1980 season.  Next is my overview of 2011 Goodwin.
  • My most common referrers are search engines, the Sports Card Blogroll, and then close behind are Night Owl and Dayf.

I had two other goals from last year that related just to general stuff about the blog.

9) Trading – at least 30 trades.  I made over 40 trades this year.  100% plus complete!  Maybe this is the most important goal – the point of blogging about cards is the community aspect of it.  All of my trades are generated through my blogging or me reading other blogs.  The number 40 is about the same as last year – I think I may have actually made one or two more than last year.  I’ll shoot for less in 2013 given the other constraints on my time.

10) Think about a plan of what to do after I finish the Lifetime Topps project.  I actually have a list together, but it will be quite a while before I need to think about this – I probably will finish up the base cards toward this project sometime in late 2014.  I started doing Saturday Suds posts in 2012 – so that’s a fun thing I do that has nothing to do with cards.




2 responses

2 01 2013
Zippy Zappy

Don’t want to be rude/ruin any moods, but I just wanted to ask if you’re planning on completing sets like Topps’ Sega Card Gen, which’re produced outside the US.

2 01 2013

No – just collect stuff that’s associated with Topps flagship for the project. Plus any retro card sets I like. I’ve heard a little bit about those cards, but no interest in collecting them!

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