Somehow I missed this – HOF Committee selections

27 12 2012

Earlier this month, the Pre-Integration Committee voted to elect three new members to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • Hank O’Day, NL umpire for 30-year and an umpire for the first modern World Series.
  • Jacob Ruppert, the owner who turned the struggling New York Highlanders into what has become the most successful franchise in the history of professional sports.  The biggest part of that – his famous purchase of Babe Ruth from Boston.  I was surprised he wasn’t already in.
  • Deacon White, a catcher and third baseman from before the turn of the century for a number of different teams. The two most notable – he played for the 1876 Chicago White Stockings that won the inaugural National League pennant.  He also played on the 1887 Detroit Wolverines club that defeated the heavily favored St. Louis club from the American Association.

I actually have Ruppert and White on two cards.  And because of this I updated my overview of those sets to reflect the correct number of Hall of Famers!

2012 Goodwin Champions – White is featured on an SP card.

2012 Goodwin Deacon White

2011 Topps Heritage – Ruppert is featured in the Babe Ruth subset – see the 2nd card below.

2011 Heritage Ruth subset




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