Trade in the Night

24 12 2012

OK, corny post name.  But I did complete another trade with Night Owl.  I ended up sending him some Dodgers cards that I dug up from some of my doubles and/or Upper Deck cards. I think one or two were parallels from Update that I got.  But I was surprised that I had quite a few cards from random sets like 2005 Upper Deck something-or-other to send his way.  I sent them along with a “whatever you can send back is fine” note, and here’s what I got back – a more than generous amount from Greg.

He sent me some Topps base cards – mostly this year’s Topps Update.

Trade Nigh Owl Dec 12

He also sent me some inserts form Allen & Ginter that are on the old wantlist.

Trade Nigh Owl Dec 12_0001

And even some random Reds cards to go in the Reds box of cards.  The Franco jumbo card is pretty sweet.  I used to love him, and didn’t understand why we let him go.  Until the Nasty Boys asserted their dominance of course!

Trade Nigh Owl Dec 12 Reds



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