Black Friday on COMC

22 12 2012

I made a few purchases from Check Out My Cards in early November that I posted on a few weeks ago.  Well, then I saw they had a big Black Friday special, so I went back to the site for the free shipping and slashed prices.  It was a good deal – it took a long time to go through those cards and compare to any Sportlots deals I could get.  To my wife’s dismay, I spent about 3-4 hours doing that instead of putting up the Christmas Tree (don’t worry – it found its way up)!

The COMC cards came in two packages.  The first one was cards that weren’t free shipping because I’d bought them before Black Friday.  Here’s the majority of those 15 cards.

COMC December 12 lot 1

But the big haul was from the Black Friday deals.  I bought around 70 cards that I needed, many of them for a pretty good deal.  I got some cards for just about all of my collections!  Below are some of the highlights.

I picked up some Lineage and Archives inserts.  The reprints set for Archives is getting very close to finished, and that Price is the last Venezuelan insert card I needed.

COMC December 12 lot Archives Lineage

I also picked up a few Gypsy Queen inserts and an N43 from 2012 Ginter.

COMC December 12 lot Ginter Gypsy

I also got some Heritage cards.

COMC December 12 lot Heritage


And 2 Sport Kings cards from this year’s series.

COMC December 12 lot Sport Kings

The big haul was from Topps insert cards, though.  I got a bunch of Mantle and Mays reprints, and I finished off the 5-card Clemente tribute set from 1998.

COMC December 12 lot Topps reprints

And I got a completely random assortment of inserts from 96, 97 and 98, which are hard to come by.  These are the second part of my Lifetime Topps project, so I’m glad I put a dent in it through this purchase!

COMC December 12 lot Topps inserts



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