Completed set & master set – 2011 Heritage Minors

19 12 2012

I finished the 2011 Heritage a few months ago, but recently I also completed the stepson of this set – the Minor League set.  I haven’t (yet) gone for the 2012 minor league product – I’m not sure I want to collect it again, and I’m pretty sure prices went down after release since there isn’t a Harper or Strasburg to chase.  There weren’t any inserts in this set, so this covers finishing both the set and my “master set” for this product.

Info about my set:

How I put the set (non-SP / SP) together:

  • 202 (196/6) cards from my hobby box
  • 44 (0/44) SP cards from an eBay lot
  • 1 (1/0) card from a trade
  • 3 (3/0) cards from Sportlots

Card that completed my set: #144 – Max Kepler (1 of 2 cards I got from a Sportlots purchase in early November)

2011 Heritage Minors completed set Kepler

General Set Info:

Set composition: 250 cards (200 individual player cards, 50 Baseball America All-Stars*)

* – The All-Star cards are all short-printed at 1 per 4 packs

Earliest active player from this set: #44, #239 – Mike Trout

2011 Heritage Minors 2nd best card Trout

When I’ve done this for other sets, I do either “last active player” or earliest player (meaning Ty Cobb played before Babe Ruth).  Earliest can also apply here – as in first player to break into the bigs.  I believe Mike Trout takes the cake here.  Trout made his major league debut on July 8th of 2011.  I’m not even sure how he was in this set because of that, but he beats out Matt Moore (who started the opening game for the Rays in the playoffs).

Player with the most cards in the set:  50 players have 2 cards because of the subset.

First Card and the Hundreds: #1 – Andrelton Simmons, #100 – Jaff Decker, #200 – Robbie Ray

2011 Heritage Minors first and hundreds

Highest book value: #213 – Bryce Harper AS SP

2011 Heritage Minors Harper

The Harper regular card is even booking at more than any other SP’s.  This card books at 20 bucks right now.

Most notable card: #66 – Bryce Harper

2011 Heritage Minors Harper_0001

Topps pretty much focused the whole set around young Mr. Harper.  As much as I don’t really like the guy, these are some pretty good photos.

Best card (my opinion): #173 – Matt Moore

2011 Heritage Minors best card Moore

I like a lot of the things about this card.  It’s a notable player, and I’m kind of fan of Matt Moore – not sure why, I’m just kind of rooting for him to turn out well.  I like the old school socks to the knees.  And most importantly, I like the word “Biscuits” on the front of his jersey, prominently displayed on the card.

Second best card (also my opinion): #44 – Mike Trout (see above)

Best subset card:  #239 – Mike Trout AS SP (see above)

Either one of these cards is pretty cool in retrospect.  Considering what Trout turned into this year, and the fact that no one saw him coming up and just dominating the game.

Favorite action photo: #101 – Kellin Deglan

2011 Heritage Minors best action Deglan

Catcher gear?  Check.  Diving to catch a foul bunt?  Check.  Crawdads as the mascot?  Checkmate!

Favorite non-action photo: #9 – Travis D’Arnaud

2011 Heritage Minors best pose

Particularly interesting given D’Arnaud was just traded to the Mets this weekend.  Not sure how he gets the Oakleys behind the mask, but this is a cool photo.  He’s wearing the same sunglasses in his All-Star SP card later in the set – but he’s batting on that card.

My Favorite Reds card: #129 – Billy Hamilton

2011 Heritage Minors best Red Hamilton

The only player in the history of professional baseball to steal over 150 bases in a season.



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24 03 2013

I’ve got a reason for Mike Piazza never to make the Hall of Fame. It’s called STEROIDS. He didn’t hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium on spinach!

24 03 2013

Not sure what that has to do with this post…

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