Completed insert set – 2011 Topps Lineage Venezuelan

17 12 2012

The main theme of Topps Lineage in 2011 was the insert sets – and this is the another one I’ve completed.  I think it’s the fourth one.

Info about the set:

Set description:  “Topps updates a tradition begun in 1959 with these 25 Spanish language variation base cards.”

That was the sell sheet wording.  These cards aren’t really the greatest representation of those Venezuelan sets – they are in Spanish, but like the regular Lineage cards, they don’t have stats on the back.

Set composition:  25 cards, 1:12 hobby odds (2011 Topps Lineage)

Hall of Famers: none, as the set is only current players

How I put the set together:

  • 4 cards from my two hobby boxes
  • 17 cards from Sportlots
  • 2 cards from trades
  • 1 card from COMC

Thoughts on the set:  Other than the base set, Lineage was a great idea.  But this is the least cool set of the insert sets.  The only difference from these cards and the base cards is that the backs are in Spanish.  This kind of compounds the negative that I (and everyone else I’ve read) has about the base set – no stats only write-up.  There were some differences between some of the Venezuelan sets from back in the day that Topps could have incorporated here and they didn’t.  I give this set a D – if it wasn’t that I just want to complete a master set of this product I wouldn’t have chased this.

Card that completed my set:  #TV12 – David Price

I got this from a Check Out My Cards purchase in December.

Highest book value:  #TV1 – Derek Jeter

Jeter is usually #1 when he’s in an insert set with only current players.  Pujols is 2nd here.

Best card (my opinion):  #TV3 – Felix Hernandez

Topps should have done a Spanish theme player-wise here, but they didn’t.  What about getting retired players and getting Dave Concepcion, Luis Aparicio, Ozzie Guillen, Andres Galarraga, Omar Vizquel in there?  Bobby Abreu, Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Guillen, Johan Santana, Victor Martinez, Miguel Cabrera – all guys who are Venezuelan and could have been great options for an insert.

King Felix is the only Venezuelan player in this set, so he gets my “best card” here.

My Favorite Reds card:  No Reds in this set.  Adam Dunn is in the set, but when he played for the Reds I wanted to trade him just about each and every year he was there.

2011 Lineage Venezuelan 2011 Lineage Venezuelan_0001 2011 Lineage Venezuelan_0002



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