COMC purchases

6 12 2012

As I posted the other day, I made some single-card purchases recently – the post yesterday was for Sportlots.  When I go through Sportlots, I usually also go through Check Out My Cards to see what’s the  best deal I can find for cards I need.

The COMC cards came in recently, and here’s some of the loot.  First, I actually picked up a Topps Giants card from Lineage.

I got quite a few older Topps inserts, including some more of that elusive 1991 Topps Glossy set, the even more elusive Batting Leaders and a couple reprints of the Mick’s 1951 Bowman RC.

I also got a few recent retro set cards that I needed.  That 2011 Goodwin of Montgomery Ward has me within one card of that full set.  And the Lincecum finished off the Stand-Ups set from last year’s Lineage product.  On the other side – the Jackie Robinson was a card I already had.  D’oh!

Plus, I got quite a few 2012 Archives cards to knock off the ol’ wantlist.

And last but not least, I also got 5 cards from my most important collection – thought it’s the one I rarely feature on this blog.  My Jalen Rose cards.  I now have over 925 different Jalen cards.  Go Blue!




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