Sportlots purchases Winter 2012

5 12 2012

I recently went through Sportlots and got a few needs crossed off the old wantlist for a cheap price.  I figured I’d scan a few of these to show them off.  With Sportlots, the goal is to find a seller who has a grouping of cards you need at a cheap price – just 2, 3 or even 5 cards at a good price isn’t worth it shipping-wise.

From the first seller I got quite a few older inserts – but the key was a bunch of 1991 Topps Glossy All-Star cards for 18 cents apiece.  27-game winner Bob Welch and the third baseman from the team that swept his were included.  Here’s a few of the cards from that “sport lot”.

The next seller I got a few more old Topps insert cards from my wantlist.

I also got a good deal on a few cards from “future wantlists” of mine.

From the third seller, I got one more ’91 Topps Glossy, and a bunch of more recent inserts.  I actually finished the last three cards of the set “When They Were Young” from 2010.  I really like the Tigers Diamond Duos card given the 2012 season – it’s now the two Tigers Triple Crown Winners!

From the last seller, I got a few needs from retro sets.  These were the last two Heritage Minor League cards I needed – so that will be a completed set post sometime in the future.




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