Trading habits and going over 100,000

4 12 2012

Before I get into my trade below – I wanted to point out I hit a couple of milestones this past weekend.  First, I opened up boxes of 1998 Topps (I’m basically ~1-2 years ahead of my posts), which got me to 60% on the Lifetime Topps project.  That’s pretty cool.  I also went over 100,000 “hits” on my little blog here.  That’s also pretty cool.  When I started doing this blog I never thought I would have that much “viewership”.  I do realize that some of those page views are probably some machine, but it is an interesting milestone.

I completed a few trades in November – this was the second one (still a few more to post when I get the chance).  This was with Robert from $30 a week habit.  I think this is my third trade with Robert.  It’s also trade #39 of the year for me.  I know it’s been at least that many.  Anyways, this wasn’t a whopper or anything, but it got some cards cleared off my wantlist.  I sent Robert a few cards for his serial numbered insanity set.  He sent me a few 2012 inserts and Ginter cards I needed – and threw in a few Reds parallel cards.  Here’s some of the highlights.

Robert always ends his posts with “thanks for reading, Robert”.  Every time I read one of his posts – I pick up on that, and think that’s pretty cool.  It’s not really how I tend to do things – but sometimes I wish I did think to say that at the end of a post.

So, Robert – thanks for the trade.

And thanks for reading, Charlie.




One response

4 12 2012

Congrats. And did you pull a Jeff Bagwell in your boxes of ’98?

If not, it’s coming your way.

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