1996 Topps Factory Set inserts

25 11 2012

Back to a couple of more 1996 Topps posts.  There are no parallel inserts in the 1996 Topps set (I’m not counting Team Topps or Topps Chrome – those are technically separate products) – so I don’t have a post for that from this year and I’m on to Factory Set specific cards.  Both hobby and retail factory sets from 1996 had the same 2 “factory set only” insert cards (the cereal box versions had neither).  Both of these cards are Mickey Mantle inserts.  The first one is a parallel card of the Mick’s “retired” card #7.  Similar to the “Case” Mantle inserts from series 2, this one is “factory sealed” with plastic around it – and that plastic has a gold foil stamp on the back that calls this “Last Day Production”.

The other card is a neat card that advertises Mantle’s charity – “Mickey’s Team” or the Mickey Mantle Foundation.  It’s a cool looking card.

I bought both of these cards on Check Out My Cards recently.




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