1996 Topps series 2 retail box break

14 11 2012

I again went with a retail box for series 2 in 1996 – because it was cheaper and the only difference I’d read about was getting two more Hobby only insert cards – Wrecking Crew.  I’m not as concerned with the inserts, but for 10 fewer bucks I’ll just try to pick up those through trades or COMC / Sportlots purchases when I see a good deal.

I again had very few problems with damaged cards – just a couple cards in total, none of which were singles.  This was the best year for that thus far – no lost singles, only a few lost doubles.  I didn’t get the Andruw Jones / Vlad Guerrero prospects card – which seems like one of the bigger cards in the set, as it’s both guys first Topps card.  That was one of only 7 cards I didn’t get – so I got close to the whole set.  But for a 220 card set that still leaves me with a whole bunch of doubles!

Anyone collecting the 1996 set?  I can help!

This box had far fewer inserts than the series 1 box.  The Mantle reprints (6 per box) from series 1 were replaced with Mantle Finest reprints – but those were only 2 per box.  I didn’t get any refractors of the Mantle cards – just my 2 per box standard.  It’s funny – I was starting to get worried that I wasn’t going to get any of these, then they both showed up back to back in the 3rd and 4th to last packs.

The other insert was Profiles, which were 3 per box (I did pull the “expected odds” this time). The series 2 actually have slightly different finish compared to series 1 – it’s more of a foggy finish than the “chrome” finish Topps did for the s1 cards.

Between 4 less Mantles and no Power Booster – there’s quite 5 less inserts in this box.  I actually liked the number of inserts in the first box – 10 out of 36 packs seems like a better number than 5 out of 36.  That was something I learned while opening these boxes – when you get them, inserts are fun!  Having 10-15 out of 36 makes it so you’re excited to see if you get it when you open the pack.  But it’s not so prevalent that they don’t mean anything, and I still wanted to see what base cards I got and what they looked like.

As always, the numbers below don’t factor in the damaged cards – I’m tracking this to know what it would have been if I had bought the cards in 1996 when they came out.  But, like the series 1 box – it actually didn’t matter here as I didn’t get any “lost singles” due to card damage.

Stats for the box:

36 packs per box * 12 cards per pack = 432 cards

154 doubles

43 triples

17 quads or more

213 of the 220 card set. (97% set completion)

2 Mantle Finest Reprints

3 Profiles

Including the first box:

411 / 440 of the base cards (93%)




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