Somebody’s probably already caught this…

31 10 2012

A Halloween Special.  Cuz this is sort of spooky.

I’ve been working on going through the 1988 Topps set to do a “completed set” post (which I should have done tomorrow), and I just had to point this out…

Note – I’m not even complaining that this happens.  I understand (mostly) why it can and does happen for older players – though for Gwynn it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since pictures of him should be aplenty!  If anything, I think it’s cool that I went through the 1988 set, saw the Tony Gwynn card that I have probably seen 100 times before.  But I’m now seeing it through 2012 goggles, and now I think “that looks familiar – it’s got to be the same photo as the Gypsy card that also has a miniscule variation that is really the same photo cropped differently”.  On some level, that’s actually kind of cool.  Or pathetic.  Whatever.

I also noticed this happened with Gwynn elsewhere – his 2012 Ginter card is the same photo as one of the Topps Glossy sets.  This is a much cooler photo for that to happen, in my humble opinion.




2 responses

31 10 2012

I hadn’t noticed that. Think I’ll have to do some investigating now …

31 10 2012

Haha, I can’t wait to hear the results…

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