Completed insert set – 2012 Gypsy Queen Moonshots

30 10 2012

I completed my second insert set from 2012 Gypsy Queen through a recent trade – Moonshots.  This set is sort of like Home Run Heroes from last year, except it focuses on a specific home run, not season(s) leading the league.

Info about the set:

Set description: “Featuring all the top home run hitters”.  The description Topps gives on the sell sheet is not as specific as the set itself.  The set features retired and current players; each player depicted hit a specific home run that is discussed on the back.  The front has a purple / maroon border with the Gypsy Queen logo in the top left and the “Moonshot” in a banner across the top.  The player name and team are at the bottom.  The picture shown is not necessarily from the home run discussed on the back.

Set composition: 20 cards, 1:3 odds (2012 Gypsy Queen)

Hall of Famers:  9.  Babe Ruth, Frank Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, Ralph Kiner, Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Frank Thomas.

How I put the set together: 

  • 12 cards from 2 hobby boxes
  • 6 cards from trades
  • 2 cards from a card show

Thoughts on the set:  I’m always happy when there is something specific that ties a set together.  Not just “Great Ones” or something like that.  Including guys based on a specific home runs is very cool.  What I do wish they’d have done is matched the picture up with the home run discussed on the back.  They picked one of two appropriate home runs for Reggie Jackson, using the homer he hit in the Tiger Stadium All-Star Game (the other being his 3rd homer in Game 6 of the ’77 World Series).  But he was with Oakland when he hit that homer, and the picture on the front shows him with the Yankees!  Albert Pujols is featured as an Angel, and when this set came out, he hadn’t even played a game for the Halos yet.  The same for Prince Fielder with the Tigers.  Also, they didn’t number the insert sets in 2012 – they used the player’s initials.  I hate that!  Still, I do like this set overall, and the design definitely works.  “A” for the idea, “C” for the execution.

Card that completed my set: #MS-MM – Mickey Mantle

I got this card in a trade from the Daily Dimwit.

Highest book value: #MS-MM – Mickey Mantle

Best card (my opinion): #MS-MM – Mickey Mantle

A clean sweep for the Mick.  Like Reggie, there are two appropriate home runs for this set (actually, Mick may have more, but there are 2 that come to my mind).  The homer not featured – is the first tape measure shot, which came at Griffith Stadium against the Senators on April 17, 1953.  That ball cleared the left-center bleachers, barely touching an ad sign for Natural Bohemian beer (which I discussed in a previous “Saturday Suds” post :)).  It apparently landed what was measured 565 feet away, which is why it gave birth to the phrase “tape measure shot”.

The homer that is featured on the card came on May 22, 1963 against Bill Fischer of the KC Athletics.  This one barely missed becoming the only ball hit out of Yankee Stadium.  It struck the top of the facade in right field – and was reportedly still rising when it did so – and careened back to the outfield.

My Favorite Reds card: There are none.



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31 10 2012
30-Year Old Cardboard

Nice work!! This is a set that I have thought about putting together as well. And now that I see the whole thing at once, I am motivated more to do so!! Thanks.

4 02 2013
Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – The Start To My 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘MOONSHOTS’ Subset | 30-Year Old Cardboard

[…] you wanted to see what the full set looks like completed, click here.  It looks great, and I cannot wait to complete it […]

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