2012 Topps Update base cards

22 10 2012

Topps Update 2012 has what’s become standard operating procedure for that release.  There are quite a few subsets – the first one is the Record Breaker / Checklists.  There’s 5 of these cards for:

  • Jamie Moyer becoming the oldest guy to get a victory.
  • R.A. Dickey having the most consecutive starts with 0 earned runs and 8+ strikeouts
  • Jim Thome with the most career walk-off homers
  • Josh Hamilton tying the record held by many with a 4-homer game
  • Matt Cain having the most strikeouts in a perfect game

I actually think it’s a good idea that Topps is combining the record breakers onto the checklists.  I just wish they differentiated these from the base set in some way.  If you think back to 1988 Topps – All-Stars and Record Breaker subsets looked completely different, but in a way that still tied it to the regular set.  I also wish they would say something on the back about the record – like whose record did Moyer break?  I think it was Satchel Paige, but the card should tell me!

They also have a subset for each of the 8 guys in the Home Run Derby.  Cecil Fielder won it, but Robbie Cano was notable as he was the American League captain for the derby.  When he didn’t pick Billy Butler, the Kansas City fans booed him mercilessly, and cheered when the defending champ put up a bagel.

There is again a subset of All-Star players.  I’ve read some folks complain that they should show them in their All-Star uniforms, but I need to point out – they actually do.  In almost every photo, you can see the All-Star logo on their uniforms.  For the actual game, teams wear their own uniforms (AL players wearing home white this year since it was in KC).  The American / National League jerseys are actually worn on during the Monday festivities (like the Home Run derby) which are attended by all the All-Stars.

The Melky Cabrera is kind of funny given all the things going on with that situation.

There’s also a rookie debut subset that isn’t a “base card” – a player could have a card in this subset and a regular card.  Notice the Montero – they show him in uniform for the Yankees, which is who he made his debut for in 2011.  He’s got a regular card showing him with the Mariners.  Not sure why they are doing 2011 ML debuts; you’d think they should have been in the 2011 Update set.

Of course they do have the standard rookies in the Update set – here’s a couple of guys who had a notable impact on playoff teams this year.

And there are plenty of “traded” vets.  It’s kind of neat opening this set now as the playoffs are going on – there are a lot of guys from this set who have been on my TV this October.  They even have Jonathan Broxton on his new team from earlier in the year.

Speaking of being on my TV?  Melky most certainly isn’t.  But I bet he has some website designs he could sell you!

Here’s some AL traded veterans:

Pettite isn’t really “traded”, though it makes sense he’s in this set, since he came out of retirement.  I like this card of him.

Those guys should be in the set – but here’s two guys I’m not sure why their in the Update set.  Mike (Giancarlo) Stanton is in the base set.  Did he seriously get an Update card because he changed his name?  Phil Coke doesn’t even have that reason, though I’m guessing he got put in the Update set because he didn’t have a regular 2012 Topps card.

There are a few guys in this set who this could be their last Topps card.  Players of varying historical significance.  I don’t think Damon has officially retired, but he was released by Cleveland later in the year. I’m surprised there wasn’t a card of Omar Vizquel.

Finishing it up, here are some of my favorite photos from the set.  You might be wondering why the Chavez is in there – that’s actually a Yankees throwback uniform from their April 20th game commemorating the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park.  The Yankees had never before worn a throwback uniform before, and the only time they’d ever worn something other than their usual uniforms was a Negro League tribute to the New York Black Yankees in 1996.




3 responses

22 10 2012

great post – i am enjoying update this year. it’s the first time i’ve collected it.

26 10 2012
Zippy Zappy

Very nice post. Is it possible that the Zigler is the Update version of the Eric Young Jr. card in Series 1 and the Alexei Ramirez card in Series 2? Cards filmed in HD that look like paintings.

26 10 2012

Yeah, those cards do stand out. HD photo is a good way to put it!

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