Tres Coronas

4 10 2012

It’s happened in my lifetime.

For all the sports talk radio these days, this was somehow the most under-reported story in sports.  No one has won the triple crown in 45 years.  It’s been done 16 times by 14 players in 137 baseball seasons.   I honestly wasn’t sure if it would happen in my lifetime.  I remember reading a story in baseball digest about the guys who could win it some day – I thought maybe Eric Davis could somehow become the second player to win a quadruple crown.  Later, maybe that was Ken Griffey Jr. or Frank Thomas.  Gary Sheffield was really close to doing it in the early 90’s.  Votto, Cargo and Pujols all had an outside shot two years ago, but kind of canceled each other out.

But Miguel Cabrera is the king of them all!

In my book, you don’t win the triple crown without winning the MVP.  Apologies to Mike Trout, but that Rookie of the Year will look fine on his trophy cabinet.

Either way, this card depicting these two guys next to each other just got a lot cooler…



One response

4 10 2012

That’s cool–I hadn’t seen the Cabrera/F-Robby, and that’s a good catch. It absolutely was under-reported, and as good as those guys were that you mentioned, nobody else but Cabrera can say he’s done it. And Babe Ruth never did either!

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