Minis!!!! Topps Mini Box #2

3 10 2012

OK – on to my second Topps Mini box.  Not much to say about this – except – I DIDN’T GET MY PROMISED HIT!

Ugh, I really shouldn’t have gotten this product.  I don’t hate it, but this certainly doesn’t help.  I’ll probably send the wrappers in for the replacement – but that’s just annoying, plus it costs $1.95.

Here’s the inserts I did pull.  Again, sorry for the crappy pictures – I don’t have a scanner set up quite yet, and my camera seems to have a tough time not being blurry!  That’s a Griffey in the lower right hand corner – so at least I pulled that!

Here’s the Topps Gold.  These are blurry, too.  I probably should have just not posted pictures, but I took them, so here they are.

Finally, I did get a platinum card of Wade Davis – numbered out of 5.  So that was a pretty good pull from this box.  It’s not an auto or a relic, though!

I’m travelling this week, so I didn’t get time to see just how many cards I got toward the set when combining my two boxes.  I’ll try to do that when I get back – but suffice it to say that I did get quite a few duplicates out of the second box.  If anybody has any extra minis to trade, I am gonna go after the set, despite all my b*tching!




One response

3 10 2012

I feel your pain. Unfortunately I got sucked into completing this set as well. As a result I have quite a few up for grabs. Please let me know if you’re interested.

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