It’s been 2 dozen years….

29 09 2012

Since this guy:

Threw a perfect game.

Since that September night in 1988, the Reds have:

  • won a World Series (1990),
  • become the 2nd team in baseball history – after the 1932 Yankees – to go an entire season without being shut out (2000),
  • lost their status as baseball’s first regular season game every year,
  • won 2 MVP awards (Larkin and Votto),
  • started an All-Star Game (Jack Armstrong),
  • hit for the cycle (Eric Davis),
  • had a manager get kicked out of baseball (Pete Rose),
  • had an owner basically get kicked out of baseball (Marge Schott),
  • had 6 inductees into the Hall of Fame wearing a Reds baseball cap (Bench, Morgan, Perez, Sparky, McPhee, and Larkin),
  • had a writer (Hal McCoy) and a broadcaster (Marty Brennaman) earn the Hall of Fame’s award for their profession.

And, last but not least, they’ve become only the second team in the history of baseball to be no-hit in the postseason.  But they had not, in that timeframe, thrown a no-hitter of their own.  Until last night…


Congrats, Homer.  Sorry no one can see your last name, but that’s how 2012 Topps scans!

(Saturday Suds – postponed until the Sabbath.  Good thing I don’t live in Indiana, or I’m sure I’d be breaking some sort of law.)




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