Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #11 – Old Style

22 09 2012

For my next “Saturday Suds”, I’m going honor my move so close to Wrigley Field.  And if you’ve been to Wrigley or the surrounding bars, you could probably guess what beer that means I’ll feature.  I like that I’ve hit up quite a few different cities for this beer theme I’m doing – and Chicago is up next.

The first beer I tried on Tuesday at Wrigley was the one, the only, Heileman’s Old Style.  I had 3 of them during the 9 innings when I got to watch my 3rd Reds game of the year.  I didn’t have any Wednesday night, as I was in the bleachers and it’s only Budweiser / Bud Light there (because of Bud’s sponsorship of the Bleachers).

Brewery: (Originally) G. Heileman Brewing Company in La Crosse, WI

Currently owned and brewed by Pabst Brewing Co., and primarily brewed in Milwaukee, WI.

Beer:  Heileman’s Old Style

Description:  This pilsner was first brewed in 1902 by Heileman’s, which had been around since 1858.  Here’s how the website describes it:

“Old Style beer employs the traditional brewing skills of the German craftsman. Krausened and well carbonated, Old Style is a beer that revives the crisp rich freshness of a classic Pilsener: light in color and body, medium in aroma and bitterness, full flavored with a delicate aftertaste. Old Style is finished at 134 calories and 11.5 grams of carbohydrates, 3.6% alcohol by weight.”

Krausening is an extra step in the brewing process that brings more carbonation and richness into the beer.  Or at least that’s what the website says.  After trying it this week, I’d definitely take an Old Style over a Bud or Bud Light – it just has a little more flavor without being super-bitter.  I think I can taste more carbonation, but it’s also kind of sweet.  It’s a light-colored lager, great for drinking in the summer.  Particularly at a Cubs game.

The recipe for the original beer was not sold to Pabst.  The original brewery in La Crosse, WI is now owned by the City Brewing Company.  They brew La Crosse Lager, which uses the original Old Style recipe and is krausened for thirty days.

Medium:  I bought 3 16 ounce drinks at the game Tuesday.  You can get it on tap, and you can find it in bottles, cans and 40’s throughout Chicago.

How it’s related to baseball:  The Cubbies, and Wrigley Field.

Despite being brewed in Wisconsin, the beer became very popular in Chicago.  Old Style has been a beer sponsor for the Chicago Cubs since 1950.  The brewery was sold to Stroh Brewery in 1996, and the brand eventually became property of Pabst.  As it became just one brand as part of a much larger conglomerate, the relationship with the Cubs didn’t exactly flourish.  Plus, Budweiser has become the exclusive sponsor of the bleachers, so you haven’t been able to drink Old Style in the Bleachers (which have separate admission and segregated from the rest of the park) for quite a few years.  There was some talk about the partnership dissolving near the end of the 2010 season, but they got a deal done to keep Old Style as a Cubs sponsor for the forseeable future.




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