Reds games # 3, 4 and 5 for 2012

20 09 2012

As I mentioned a few days ago – I moved from Bergen County New Jersey to Chicago this week.  And my house is particularly close (<3 blocks) to Wrigley Field.  It’s also particularly close (~50 feet) to the El (Chicago’s elevated transit system) – but that’s another issue altogether.  What an excellent week for such a thing – the Reds were in town!  I went to the game last night and Tuesday night – both Reds wins – and my friend is coming in town to go see them play tomorrow afternoon.  That’s 5 Reds games this year – 3 at Wrigley, 1 at Yankee Stadium, and 1 at GABP.  Hopefully tomorrow we see them finish off a sweep of the lowly Cubs and get that magic number down to 2.  I was hoping for the chance to see the Reds clinch the division in person, but St. Louis just hasn’t cooperated since winning an extra-inning game on Sunday night against the Dodgers.

Tuesday was particularly cool for me.  We strapped my 7-week old son into the “Baby Bjorn” to watch the Reds-Cubs “titanic struggle”.  Getting him to that first baseball game was pretty sweet.  It probably broke some kind of record, but the bottom line, it was a fun “first outing”.  He did well – we took him to the first aid room around the 4th inning for a diaper change and some feeding.  We made it through the whole game, a 3-1 victory highlighted by a 3-run double by Ryan Hanigan.

My wife and Brayden went back to Ohio for a week yesterday, so I went to last night’s game by myself.  I got a bleacher seat for 10 bucks on stubhub.  I was treated to a chilly 11-inning thriller.  Actually, it was a close game, but it wasn’t a thriller at all.  The Reds blew a 5-1 lead and had to get out of a couple of bases loaded jams to keep from losing.  They did take advantage of an 11th inning error by RF David DeJesus, whose drop of Brandon Phillips fly ball can most likely be attributed to the plethora of Gypsy Queen cards he autographed this year.  Regardless, Drew Stubbs actually had a decent game, and the Reds won, 6-5 in 11.

Here’s hoping they pull out another win in tomorrow’s day game!




7 responses

20 09 2012

Congrats on your son’s first baseball game!

20 09 2012

Thanks! It was pretty cool, even though he was completely clueless!

20 09 2012

To be that close to that ballpark … heaven.

20 09 2012

Yeah – it’s pretty awesome. Being a Reds fan, I’m actually glad the Cubs aren’t very good – hopefully games will be cheap next summer and I can go to quite a few!

20 09 2012
night owl

Moving halfway across the country? 7-week old? Everything at once, right?

Love the DeJesus crack. That’ll teach players to sign cards for us!

20 09 2012

Yes, been a busy time. Not to mention a new position at work.

That’s the first thing I thought of when he dropped what was basically a routine fly ball (though it was extremely windy by that point last night)!

20 09 2012

Very cool. I’ve been to Wrigley three times over the years, and it’s a magical place.

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