Moving to Wrigley Field

16 09 2012

Wrigley Field from the El

The title isn’t 100% accurate, but it’s also not that far off.  For the last two and a quarter years my family lived in Northeastern New Jersey.  It’s not my favorite place in the world, but it had two major benefits.

  1. It was close as hell to so many cool cities – 45 minutes from Manhattan,
  2. They are more into my favorite sport (baseball) in the Northeast than just about any other place in America.

When I moved, my family consisted of a husband, a wife and a dog, Griffey.  We are growing, and now consist of a father, a mother, a son, and the same dog.  I wasn’t allowed to name the kid after a former Cincinnati Red, but I can kind of stretch his nickname to argue that he’s named after either Tom Brady or Brady Hoke (I’m a big Michigan football fan).  Well, my rotation with work is now over, and I’m moving back to the Midwest.  It kind of seems like back to civilization as I know it.  Most of our good friends, the kind of friends you stay friends with your whole lifetime, are back in the Midwest.  Some of them are in Chicago.  More are in Ohio, but Chicago has better opportunities.

We went through quite a process to find a house there.  We’ve looked in Elmhurst, which was way too suburb for me.  We’ve looked at Oak Park, which is a suburb but actually pretty close to the city.  But I decided I wanted to live in the city limits, and preferably to the North.  That’s where many more friends are, and it really hit me that these next few years are the only time when we could still probably do that.  With a kid who is still going to be very young and all.  It’s not like you ever hear of anybody moving to a suburb in Chicago and then moving into the city (actually, I have a good friend who did that, but he lived in a suburb right out of college for less than a year for work related reasons).  Problem was, the combination of dog and child necessitated having a fenced in backyard.  It can be tiny, but my wife, who is taking a 6-month hiatus from corporate America, has to be able to let the dog out without having to pack the kid up every time.  Some people suggested giving up the dog.  They clearly have never met our dog, or just don’t understand, period.  I would live in Saskatchewan or Syberia before considering such a thing.  I would give my right foot before I gave up the dog.  Not kidding.  My ankle’s messed up anyways.

So I get to the title of this post… Moving to Wrigley Field.  The picture above is one I took a few weeks ago from the Addison stop on the CTA red line, just after putting in an offer to rent a place in Lake View.  Which is not moving into Wrigley, but I’ll be damn close – less than 3 blocks.  The movers came last week and bring our stuff tomorrow.  It’s a nice house and has most of what we wanted.  We’re paying an arm and a leg for it, and we will likely only be there 1-2 years.  But someday when I’m in a nursing home talking to Brayden’s kids, I’ll be able to say “when I was your age, sonny, I lived right next to Wrigley Field”.  That’s at least 9 Reds games I can walk to a year (3 are next week, conveniently when we move in – as of Thursday when I scheduled this post, there was an off chance the Reds clinch the division at a game I attend).  Plus, it’s pretty cool because it’s kind of full circle for me from a family perspective.  My mom’s dad, who died pretty young, went to Lake View high school, less than a mile from where we’ll live.  She grew up a few mile North in Park Ridge.  My step-grandfather has always been a big Chicago fan, and I think he still has some wishes (not regrets) that there had been some way to stay in Chicago instead of moving to Cincinnati to be close to his wife’s (my Mom’s mom) family.  He was pretty excited when I told him where we’d be living.

Oh, and it’s a great location for work and all that stuff, too…

With the move will come a new job, one that’s gonna be more stressful.  Tack on the new baby, and I’m probably not gonna have as much time for posting as in the past.  I’ve got about 40 in the queue that I can dig up, so this won’t be noticeable right away.  I have been and will continue slowing down my posts ever so slightly – I was at a post a day and now more like one day off a week.  But my hope is I’ll still be here in some capacity for my 4 year anniversary like a certain nocturnal avian who just hit that same milestone!




2 responses

17 09 2012
Reds Card Collector

That is a very cool opportunity! Congrats!

17 09 2012

Thanks! Hopefully it’s an opportunity to see a Reds win over the next day or two!!

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