2012 Goodwin Champions Masterpieces – 1888 Originals

12 09 2012

Upper Deck took what it did last year for the Goodwin Masterpieces theme – and in my opinion made it even better.  Last year there were 44 cards with hand-painted art of each of the United States Presidents – from Washington to Obama.  They hired artists to create original on-art paintings on each card – 10 for each president.  The cards are signed on the back by the artist Kelly Akins (I think this is his website) – who did half of the Presidential Masterpieces from 2011.

1888 Originals Masterpieces – 50 cards (#/10)

I thought this was a really cool idea last year – and I love this year’s theme even more.  The original Goodwin cards are beauties – they were way ahead of their time compared to other tobacco cards.  If I could own one set (or just one card!) from before World War II – that would be it.  So to have these originals recreated in this fashion gets an A+ from me for both the idea and for the execution!

Just like with Topps for the Gypsy Queen original art cards, I really wish they would have done regular-card reproductions of these cards as an insert set (non-painted).  This would have been popular way to make these cards more accessible to every collector, and would have made the actual painted cards even more popular.  I pulled the Lincoln from my first box last year, but didn’t pull anything out of my 3 boxes this year.

But – I am collecting some of these cards.  It’s a complete pipe dream to go for a full set of these (though someone did finish the presidential cards last year).  But – I am trying to collect the 5 boxing cards from the original set.  The baseball players would be too expensive – they’re more expensive per card and there are 8 of them!  I decided boxing would be a good way to go, because there is some interesting history behind each of the boxers in the set.  Thus far, I’ve bought 3 on eBay – 2 were “en route” at the time I wrote this.  I’ll post more on these in the future, but for now – here’s the scan of the one I do have in hand, Jake Kilrain.

This really is a beautiful card, though I have to point out the obligatory – for something like this, the scan just doesn’t do it justice compared to in person!




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