2012 Goodwin Champions – Relics & Autos

11 09 2012

2012 Goodwin Champions has tons of relics and autos, and as with every other set I’ve bought – I’ll cover each of the possible pulls.  Just like Topps does with Allen & Ginter, many of these aren’t even sports based.  Most of the info below can be found here.


Memorabilia– 73 cards (1:20 overall; 1:23 to 1:10,631)

The Goodwin relics and autographs are inserted based on a tiered system.  The standard memorabilia relics are set into four tiers – most of them aren’t any kind of crazy pull, but there are three pretty tough pulls – two presidents (JFK and Woodrow Wilson) in the highest tier.

Shoeless Joe Jackson is in the next highest tier.  The piece of bat for Shoeless Joe is probably the most notable card in the set.

Dual Memorabilia– 16 cards (1:320 overall; 1:520 to 1:95,680)

More rare than the single relics are the dual version – there are five tiers of these.  Again, the presidential one (JFK) is far rarer than the other four tiers.  A Shoeless Joe dual bat is the only one in the 4th tier – his dual relic is 8,768.  I actually picked up a dual memorabilia of Hulk Hogan for my collection.

Museum Collection – 21 cards (odds not released)

The rarest of the memorabilia cards are from the Museum Collection relics.  These cards include historical artifacts – this year with a very specific theme.  The 2012 set focuses on memorabilia from the Civil War.  There are various items from pieces of a soldier’s wallet, to Confederate currency, to the very controversial Union Flag.  A very tattered flag was cut up into pieces and inserted into the packs.  When Upper Deck first announced it was doing this – there was apparently a big to-do that cutting up the flag was an atrocity.  They responded that the flag was dilapidated and this was actually a way to preserve it.  I tend to agree with them – but see the other side as well.  This is a debate that holds true for almost any artifact that companies cut up and put into cards – it’s just more poignant when it’s an American (or in this case, Union) flag.


Autographs – 91 cards (1:20 overall; 1:36 to 1:1,977)

The autographs are inserted in 6 tiers, and feature the same picture as the base card.  Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are again notable signers – but Mike Tyson has to be the most notable “new” autograph hit in this product.

Sport Royalty – 10 cards (1:4,932 to 1:15,947; hobby only)

Upper Deck also inserted cards of other Athletes with a completely different design from the base set and an actual action photo (not a lithograph).  A few of the athletes aren’t even in the base set.  The back of the cards have a 2010 copyright – as do the Sport Royalty autographed cards from Goodwin in 2011.  As I noticed last year – this is clearly an attempt by Upper Deck to get rid of some of its inventory of cards and autos that it had after losing some of its sports licenses.

Animals & Outer Space

Animal Kingdom Patches – 100 cards (1:64 overall; 1:85 to 1:15,947)

Upper Deck continued last year’s set by releasing 100 very thick patch cards of different animals.  Like last year, these inserts are tiered based on how endangered the species is – going from “not in danger”, to the rarest category called “extinct / mythical”.  That level contains three cards – the Tyrannosaurus Res, the Giant Vampire Bat, and Pegasus.  I want to pick up the Red-Tailed Hawk (pictured above) – as it’s kind of the mascot for my alma mater (Miami “Red Hawk”).

A note about the T-Rex!  Here’s what I wrote last year:

I’m really surprised there were no dinosaurs here!  Two things I’d have done differently here – first, they have extinct species, but no mention of dinosaurs?  C’mon, that’s an easy one!

So obviously they listened to me :)!  I also said this last year as well – it would be a cool to have created a 100-card insert set paralleling these cards without the patches.  I wish they did so on these type of sets – it’s out of the realm of possibility for most collectors to get the patches, but collecting the full 100-card set would actually do quite well on the secondary market.

Entomology – 30 cards (no stated odds)

Back this year are hand-made cards with real insects in them.  These aren’t inserted in packs, but are available if you pull a redemption.  What would your significant other say if you came home with one of these cards?

It Came from Outer Space – 20 cards (no state odds)

There is also a new set of cards with pieces of Meteorites.  If you like what Topps does with A&G – I do think this kind of thing is pretty cool.  I have no idea how difficult it is to get your hands on a meteorite piece, but my guess is that each of these is somewhat “unique”.  I pulled one of these in my third box, and sold it.




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