2012 Goodwin Champions variations and parallels

10 09 2012

The original Goodwin Champions set didn’t have anything as far as variations go, but Upper Deck has created variations in each year it reprised the role.  After lightning & moonlight SPs in previous years, this year’s short printed variations are of the “reveal” variety.  With these 15 cards, the base card photo is a cropped photo.  Like all other cards in the set – the card is vertically oriented.  The reveal variation is horizontally oriented and shows the rest of the picture.  Like the one Lou Brock variation from last year, some of these cards have a president added in.  Though not all of them.

Sports Card Radio has a great checklist of all of the cards, though it doesn’t state what the addition is for each card.  I try my best to note what it is below:

  • 4 – Hakeem Olajuwon.  With Bill Clinton.  This is obviously from the Rockets getting invited to the White House after one of their two championships in the mid-90s.
  • 5 – Magic Johnson.  With Bill Walton & Larry Bird.  I can’t find this specific picture, but I can tell from the suits Bird and Magic are wearing that this is from Magic’s induction in 2002.
  • 8 – Steve Wozniak.  With a line of kids with computers behind him.
  • 9 – Nick Faldo.  With a lighthouse in the background while he tees off.  I wish I knew where this is.  After more research than I’d care to admit – this is the lighthouse at Turnberry.
  • 20 – Kate Middleton.  With Prince William in a horse-drawn carriage at their royal wedding.
  • 42 – Clint Dempsey.  With the rest of his teammates carrying him.
  • 47 – Karl Malone.  With Dennis Rodman and Hulk Hogan at a WCW event.  Diamond Dallas Page is actually cropped from the variation photo.
  • 49 – Sidney Crosby.  With Barack Obama, who is holding the Stanley Cup.
  • 53 – Lou Brock.  With Bob Gibson.
  • 57 – Bobby Hurley.  With the thoroughbred racehorse he owns, Songandaprayer.
  • 72 – John F. Kennedy.  With his brother Robert.
  • 87 – Jim Kelly (in a Hawaiian shirt).  With Bernie Kosar in a Miami Hurricanes uniform.
  • 94 – Adrian Dantley.  With Gerald Ford at a reception for the 1976 US Gold Medal basketball team.  Jesse Owens is actually cropped out of this photo.
  • 107 – Ernie Banks.  With his wife, Liz.
  • 123 – Michael Jordan.  With Dr. J.
  • 127 – Dennis Eckersley.  With a guy with a hat.  It kind of looks like George Bush, but I’m not sure.
  • 143 – Tim Howard.  With Team USA ‘mates Jozy Altidore and Landon Donovan.
  • 145 – Pete Rose.  Carrying bats to his Rolls Royce during Spring Training in Tampa.

Upper Deck also has a number of parallel sets – all of the miniature variety.  Parallel minis of cards #1-150 are cream-colored borders instead of the black that the base has.  From there it gets a little more complicated.  Cards #’d 151-210 don’t have miniature parallels.  Each mini card, including the 21 cards #’d 211-231 (that are only found as minis) has a green bordered mini with either a “lady luck” or very rare blank back.  There is also a silver foil version of the mini, a red foil “magician” back mini, and a gold foil “presidential back” mini.  Minis come every other pack in total.

Mini – 150 cards (~1:3 per pack)

Mini Green “Lady Luck” back – 171 cards (~1:10 per pack)

Mini Green blank back – 171 cards (odds not listed)

Mini Silver Foil – 171 cards (99 produced, 199 of the mini exclusives produced)

Mini Red Foil “Magician” back – 171 cards (#/12)

Mini Rainbow “Presidential” back – 171 cards (#/1)

Upper Deck also produced printing plates (because no card company can abstain from producing these things).  These are all 1/1, 4 different versions.  So actually more like 4/4.  Or, if you’re like me and sold the only one I owned – 0/0.

Mini Printing Plates – 171 cards (#/1) – Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow




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