Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #9 – Schaefer Beer

8 09 2012

On to my next “Saturday Suds” – where I post about a beer that has something to do with baseball (or at least I’ll try to figure out some way to correlate it with baseball).  Through “researching” the last beer I did, I read that Schaefer Beer was the sponsor brew for the Red Sox after Narragansett, so that seemed like a good next choice to feature.

It’s also sold at my local beer/liquor store, so I’m able to taste it myself!

Brewery: (Originally) F & M Schaefer Brewing Company in Manhattan, New York, NY

Currently owned and brewed by Pabst Brewing Co., and brewed in Milwaukee, WI

Beer:  Schaefer Beer

Description:  Another classic American lager which was the first brewed by Frederick & Maximilian Schaefer when they moved to New York in the late 1830’s.  After purchasing a brewery in 1842, they introduced what may have been the first lager commercially brewed in America.

Here’s what’s on the current website describing the Schaefer Beer taste:

“Schaefer beer steps up to the bar with ordinary ingredients, but extraordinary flavor. Brewed with common six-row varieties of malted barley, Schaefer accentuates its total complexity with six varieties of hops, all blended with perfect balance and harmony. A complement to any dinner or party, Schaefer brings quality and excellence to the table.”

It looks and tastes like the other lagers I’ve looked at on this blog.  It’s got a golden color, is pretty easily drinkable and is not very hoppy.  There is a bit more of an aftertaste than I’ve noticed with Budweiser or standard American light beers; sometimes that’s the kind of thing I’d like, sometimes not so much.  Like any lager – good for a hot summer day, but not the beer I’d want for a night at a pub.

Medium:  I bought a 12-pack of 12 ounce cans, and I believe that’s the only way you can get it.  It is fairly common here in New Jersey.

How it’s related to baseball:  Schaefer Beer was the official beer of the Brooklyn Dodgers for most of their existence in Brooklyn.  Connie Desmond was the co-announcer for the Dodgers along with Red Barber and quite a few other Dodger announcers, and often did promotions for the beer.  He notably did so just before one of the most famous moments in baseball history – just before Red Barber’s call of Bobby Thomson’s “Shot Heard Round the World”.  Of course, it’s the losing Dodgers’ home radio broadcasters, so it’s not the famous call you’ve probably heard from the moment; “The Giants win the Pennant” was by Russ Hodges, the Giant announcer.

Schaefer was the world’s best-selling until Budweiser overtook it in the mid-1970’s.  The beer was no longer the sponsor of the Dodgers when they moved west to Los Angeles, but it did become the sponsor beer for the Boston Red Sox in the 1960’s.  Schaefer also sponsored the Baltimore Orioles in the late 1960’s when it bought Hamm’s Brewery, which had bought Baltimore’s Gunther Beer brand.  Schaefer was also a beer sponsor for the New York Mets from 1974-1979, and the Mets’ MVP was voted the “Schaefer Mets Player of the Year Award”.  So it’s certainly a beer that’s as much linked to baseball as any!

A Schaefer beer advertisement appeared in the outfield of Ebbets Field, and it could help you keep score!  If a hit was recorded; the letter “h” would light up.  If a play was deemed an error, the first “e” would light up.

Also, there were some commemorative Schaefer cans of various ballparks back in the 1990’s – you can find them from eBay.  Schaefer is also well-known for its slogan – “It’s the one beer to have when you’re having more than one.”  Can’t beat that!



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8 09 2012
toomuchcountry (@toomuchcountry)

Nice work. Though Schaefer had a multi-decade support of baseball, several friends and I adapted it to our passion for NASCAR racing. As co-founder of the Schaefer Hall of Fame about 20 years ago, we proudly support Schaefer wherever we can.

Many of our fun times with Schaef are chronicled here:

10 09 2012
Uncle Dave Rego

Good write about Schaefer. As another member of the Schaefer Hall of Fame we are a proud people that drive great distances to buy and consume, “The one beer to have when you are having more then one”, with our fellow Schaefer drinkers.
You need to show up at one of our famous Schaefer tailgate parties and bring some Scaefer.
Sometimes a NASCAR race breaks out.

12 09 2012

Thanks, guys! Good luck on your pursuit of all things Schaefer!

31 12 2013
26 05 2015

I prefer SCHAEFFER’s beer from Paris.

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