2012 Goodwin Champions Inserts and Box Topper

6 09 2012

Upper Deck only included just 1 “standard” insert sets into packs of 2011 Goodwin Champions.  One is sport specific, the other is history specific.  Same as always, what I’m calling “standard” are sets that don’t parallel the base and don’t have relics or signatures.  You get one of each of these per hobby box – or 1:20 packs each.

There is also a box topper inserted 1 per hobby box.

Military Machines (25 cards, 1:10) – Instead of 2 inserts that came 1 each per box last year, Upper Deck did only one larger set that came 2 per box.  This insert set has no border and features various war machines from throughout history.

World Traveler (25 cards, 1 topper per hobby box) – These 20 cards measure 5″ x 7″ and feature different landmarks throughout the world.  It’s the same one as last year – World Travelers.  I’m glad they continued it, I just wish they’d have numbered it as a continuation.  Upper Deck should have done it 26-50 instead of 1-25 again.





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