2012 Goodwin Champions – basketball, more baseball, and more “other”

4 09 2012

There aren’t any basketball players in the original (1888) Goodwin set, but the 2012 set has the greatest names from the sport.  There seems to be a bit of an Olympian theme here;  7 of the 12 members of the original Dream Team are included.  Ewing, Stockton, Mullin, Pippen and Barkley are missing.

And there are 5 other Olympic Gold Medalists in the set.  Hakeem Olajuwon wasn’t eligible to be on the 1992 Dream Team – he wasn’t yet a US citizen.  But he was for the 1996 team, along with Grant Hill.  Alonzo Mourning was on the 2000 team, while LeBron and Oscar bookend the group.  Lebron has been on the last two Olympic champions, while Oscar Robertson was on the 1960 team that is often considered the best assembly of amateur basketball players ever (primarily because of the inclusion of Oscar, Jerry West and Jerry Lucas.

I also included the Human Highlight Reel and Bill Walton.  Dominique was on the “Dream Team II” in 1994 – he helped the US win the World Championships.  And Walton was conspicuously absent from the 1972 Olympic team, despite the fact that he was the best amateur player on the planet at that time.  He didn’t play for a couple of reasons – injury and objecting to the Vietnam War the most common reasons I’ve heard.

I already showed some baseball players in the last few posts – to compare with some of the original cards.  Here’s some of the other all-time great baseball players from this year’s set.  A lot of these guys were in last year’s set.

There’s a good quartet of 80’s / 90’s players:

I mentioned this last year, but Mattingly is an interesting inclusion.  As manager of the Dodgers, he’s the only “current baseballer” who is in this set and also in some licensed sets that Topps has come out.

There’s also some guys from a completely different era – over 100 years earlier.  I featured some guys from this era in the earlier posts, but Joe Start is particularly interesting.  He was one of baseball’s best players for a couple of years at the inception of the National League – but he never had a baseball card until last year when he was featured in an Obak set.  This is his second card ever.

Lastly for baseball – there’s a few dudes from what I’d call “management”.  2 owners from way back when who had stadiums named for them (Wrigley and Ebbets).  And a general manger from today who basically had a book written / movie made about him.


This is my last post for Goodwin base cards, so I’m throwing in a couple more scans.  There’s some other “competitors” in this set.  The best competitive eater, the best surfer, and one of the best NASCAR drivers ever.


And there’s some pop culture icons in the set.  Upper Deck clearly is trying to compete with Ginter with some of this stuff, but I think they pull it off pretty decently (I know I’m not in the majority there, but hey, I like the design and the set overall).  I read somewhere that this was Kate Middleton’s first card by herself (i.e. without the Prince).  Don’t know why that would be considered a big deal, though.




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