2012 Goodwin Champions box break #3 (a different kind of mojo) & comparison with 1888

22 08 2012

Into new territory – I bought a third box of Goodwin Champions.  And I’m pretty glad I got that extra box – as you’ll see later.

Here’s the World Traveler box topper.  Out of three boxes, I pulled three European cities – two of which I’ve actually been to.  I won’t go into details about the Amsterdam part of my 2001 trip…

Here are the minis – 7 regular minis and 1 of the mini exclusives.  I actually got some pretty good names here – Mike Schmidt, Payne Stewart, Mr. Cub, Adrian Peterson.

And the standard 2 green border (lady luck) minis.  The “Great One” and “Donnie Baseball” – 2 notable names.

That’s 10 minis – the total you’re supposed to get in a box, right?  Well, I got one more – and it’s a pretty rare one.  I got a red Magician back of Carole Lombard – the former wife or Clark Gable who was America’s best known actress in the 1930’s.

Here’s the two Military Machines – I got 6 total out of the 25 toward this set.

Here’s the jersey cards – I guess this is kind of like an Adrian Peterson hot box!  Of course, I got another hockey player…

And I got an autograph, too!  Not someone I’ve ever heard of, but that’s how it goes with this product – you learn a little about some other sports.  Though I don’t know how I feel about an autograph of some surfing chick who’s not even old enough to drink.  Well, at least in American – I’m not sure about the rules down under.

Here’s the SP’s and the SSP’s.  The Stan Lee is pretty cool, much cooler than the lacrosse player.  Oh, and it’s not Just A-Pete!  This is a Ray Bourque hot pack!

You’ll notice I only got 5 SP’s – which is 1 less than what I think you’re supposed to get.  Well – here’s why!

A meteorite relic!  Boom!  These are redemption cards that you send in and Upper Deck sends you back a card with a piece of a meteorite in it.  Apparently there are about 20 of these total in the product – each a unique card.  Kind of different, but also something I can appreciate about this product.  Appreciate enough to keep?  Hell, no!  This baby’s up on eBay!

I again did  awful as far as collation goes between the two boxes.  I fully expected to have a full set after 3 boxes, but I only picked up 8 of the base cards toward the set in this third box.  I am now 27 cards short for the first 150.  At least the SP’s and the mini exclusive were all cards I didn’t have yet – so I’m getting there.  With the Schmidt auto and the Meteorite card, though – I can’t complain.  I think I’ll pay for all 3 boxes by selling those on eBay.

Below are the “stats” for the box.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack + 1 box topper + 2 memorabilia cards = 257 cards

78 of the 150 card base set (52% set completion)

5 SP cards

2 Super SP cards

1 Mini exclusive

86 of the 231 card full set (37% set completion)

7 Minis Base Parallels

2 Minis Black – “Lady Luck” back

1 Mini Magician Back

2 Military Machines

1 World Travelers (Amsterdam)

1 Autograph (L. Enever)

2 Memorabilia (A. Peterson, R. Bourque)

1 It Came from Outer Space

Including all three boxes:

123 / 150 of the base cards (82%)

149 / 231 of the full set (65%)

Collecting the Goodwin Champions set in 1888

Collecting the Goodwin Champions set now would be particularly challenging, but it seems if you were a heavy smoker and knew which brands to buy, doing so in 1888 would have been much easier than some other tobacco sets of the day.  To collect the set, you’d have to buy either Old Judge or Gypsy Queen cigarette packs.  There were only 50 cards was on the back of each card.  Plus, customers could send in coupons from Old Judge or Gypsy Queen cigarette packs to obtain the Champions album that contained pictures of all 50 cards.  So where an 1887 tobacco smoker would have a tough time figuring out how many cards were in the Gypsy Queen or Old Judge sets, the same guy could figure out exactly how many Goodwin Champions cards there are.

One collector today even has a full set registered on PSA’s website – so collecting one in 1888 had to have been doable!




6 responses

22 08 2012
Play at the Plate

Not a fan of this set, as you noticed, but you got some good stuff there.

22 08 2012
Play at the Plate

I’m not changing my mind on these, but I do think I’ll be on the slow lookout for the Military Machines. I really like those.

22 08 2012

Yeah, I do understand what people don’t like about them – but I do like the design, and most of the photos aren’t as bad as the Pete Rose card…

22 08 2012
The Daily Dimwit

AWESOME PULL on the meteorite! I would have done anything to pull one of those… and I’d have kept it for sure! Best of luck on the eBay auction! Might be interested in that Lombard as part of our deal if you’re not selling it as well.

And yea, the Military Machines insert set rocks!

22 08 2012

Sorry! Selling the Lombard, too! Actually – sold it. Somebody picked up buy it now I had, which kind of surprised me. I’m trying to make up the cost of the boxes (or close) from a few of these sales – and have some surprises coming up for what I’ll get instead. Will cost more than that – but that’s for later…

4 08 2015
2015 Goodwin Champions box break #1 | Lifetime Topps project

[…] keep any really big hits, some years I’ve got my money back.  2012, it was the outer space relic, 2011 it was the Abe Lincoln Masterpiece painting.  Last year I got a World War I relic – […]

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