2012 Goodwin Champions box break #2

20 08 2012

Next up is my second box of Goodwin Champions.  I did better on this box from a hit perspective (see below), though I didn’t do so well from a collation standpoint between the two boxes.  Luckily, this is the first product I’ve ever bought where I got 3 boxes – so hopefully I’ll get closer to a finished set on the next try.

Here is the World Traveler box topper.  Unlike yesterday’s box (Zürich), I have not been to Prague.  In the summer Europe trip I did back in college, some friends actually did go to Prague, I just went to Italy instead.

Here are the minis.  First up, I got 2 mini exclusives.  This subset of minor league players goes toward completing the set – combined with the first box, that’s 3 down, 18 to go!

Plus 5 of the mini parallels.

And 2 Lady Luck minis, just like last time.

Though I didn’t get any of the foil minis – I did get something a little better – a #/1 mini printing plate of Levi Meeuwenberg.  I’ve never pulled a printing plate in my life.  And though they aren’t my favorite “innovation” in baseball card history, I’m not turning it down!

Here are the 2 Military Machines inserts I got.  Luckily, they’re two different ones from what I got in the last box.  A C-47 Sky Train and a UH-1 Iroquois.

Next up, here’s the hits.  First, the Memorabilia cards.  Like the last box, no one special.  I’ve only pulled soccer and hockey players thus far – my two least favorite sports 😦

But the last hit makes up for that!  A baseball player – though he’s playing golf in the picture – and it’s an autograph!  Mike Schmidt – the greatest third baseman of all time!

So the hits and minis each had something to write home about.  The base set collation – not so much.  Though I got no doubles in the box itself, I got a bunch of doubles when I totalled my two boxes together, and am still have a decent way to go on just the base set.  Also, I only got 8 SP’s (6 SP’s, 2 SSP’s) – you’re supposed to get 10, or 1:2 odds.  Plus, 3 of those 6 SP’s were doubles from the first box.  Nothing too much I can do about it, but I can’t complain after getting a 1/1 and a Schmidt auto, so maybe I’ll get lucky in the next box!

All told, after 2 boxes, I’m still 35 cards short of the base set, with 42 doubles, and 40 cards short of the SP set.  Not nearly as well as I did when I got 2 boxes last year, but like I said, hopefully I get much closer in box #3.

Below are the “stats” for the box.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack + 1 box topper + 2 memorabilia cards = 103 cards

79 of the 150 card base set (53% set completion)

6 SP cards

2 Super SP cards

2 mini exclusives

89 of the 231 card full set (39% set completion)

5 Minis Base Parallels

2 Minis Black – “Lady Luck” back

1 Mini Printing Plate (Meeuwenberg)

2 Military Machines

1 World Travelers (Prague, Czech Republic)

1 Autograph (M. Schmidt)

2 Memorabilia (B. Ching, D. Hawerchuk)

Including the first box:

115 / 150 of the base cards (77%)

132 / 231 of the full set (57%)




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