2012 Goodwin Champions box break #1

19 08 2012

I ordered 3 boxes of Goodwin Champions and they arrived this past week. The boxes were a little more than $70 per box, and I again bought them from Dave and Adam’s Card World, which is where I bought the 2 boxes from last year.

I’ve been really excited for this set.  I liked it last year, and I think this year looks even better.  It’s similar to the original set – not just baseball.  The design is pretty cool.  I wish they had more cards per pack, and I could actually go for another insert set – one sports related.  And I’m surprised Upper Deck didn’t get the player most associated with the company’s history – Ken Griffey Jr. – back into the fold.  He’s been in Sport Kings and Panini sets this year, so he’s not exclusive to Topps.

Unlike last year’s first box – this box wasn’t anything to write home about.  Last year I got an Animal Kingdom Patch and a Masterpiece hand-painted card of Abe Lincoln.  I sold that for a cool $400+.  I got 4 “hits”, which is one more than you’re supposed to get – but all 4 were jersey relics, none of anybody too notable.  I must say, the relic cards are thick, and are very nice.

I got 2 foil minis, which seems like it’s got to kind of beat the odds for those what I’ve seen.  I got 2 Lady Luck black border minis – which is as expected.  Of the remaining 6 minis, 5 were parallels from the base set, one was from the 21-card mini exclusive set numbered 211-231.  As you can see, if I want to collect John Kruk’s mini cards from this set, I’ve got a good start.

As you’re supposed to, I got 2 of the Military Machines Inserts.

Here’s the scan of the box topper – World Travelers.  I’ve been to Zürich, Switzerland, back in the summer between my junior and senior year of college.  I honestly didn’t see much there – we were only in that city for 2 days, and it was the city I had my mid-term, so it was the one time on the trip I did some studying :).

I got no doubles, so that’s a good thing.

Below are the “stats” for the box.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack + 1 World Traveler box topper + 4 materials cards = 105 cards

78 of the 150 card base set (52% set completion)

8 SP cards

2 Super SP cards

1 Base Minis

89 of the 231 card full set (39% set completion)

5 Minis Base Parallels

2 Minis Black – “Lady Luck” back

2 Mini Foil

2 Military Machines

1 World Travelers (Zürich, Switzerland)

4 Materials (Francis, Ponder, Coffey, Colston)




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