Completed set – 2011 Topps Heritage

8 08 2012

I finished the 2011 Heritage set in the same purchase as the 2011 Gypsy Queen set.  Like 2011 GQ, this is another pretty big one to complete – in fact, with 75 SP’s, it’s definitely the harder set.  Unlike my 2011 Gypsy set, I haven’t yet finished my “master set” – so this only covers finishing the set itself (no inserts).

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Info about my set

How I put the set (non-SP / then SP) together:

  • 204 (196/8) cards from my hobby box
  • 153 (146/7) cards from trades
  • 39 (36/3) cards from a blaster
  • 38 (36/2) cards from various retail packs
  • 15 (11/4) cards from a card show
  • 38 SP cards from eBay lots
  • 4 SP cards from Sportlots
  • 9 SP cards from Check Out My Cards

Card that completed my set:  #437 – Adrian Gonzalez (1 of 2 SP cards I got from a COMC purchase – the other was Stephen Drew)

General Set Info

Set composition:  500 cards (410 individual player cards, 1 duplicate player card*, 15 managers, 10 Babe Ruth story, 11 Combination cards, 10 Statistical Leaders, 6 World Series Highlights, 9 In Action, 20 Sporting News All-Stars, 8 Rookie Parade)

* – Mark Teixeira inexplicably has 2 cards – clearly a mistake by Topps

Earliest active player from this set:  #137 – Miller Huggins (see picture below)

When I’ve done this for other sets – I do “last active player”, but for this one I’ll do earliest player.  This is kind of thrown off from the Babe Ruth subset – Miller Huggins is on one of those cards as the Babe’s manager.  Huggins first played in the big leagues in 1904 for my Cincinnati Reds.

Earliest active current player from this set:  #262 – Ivan Rodriguez

Pudge played his first game in June 1991, which narrowly beats out Arthur Rhodes (August) and Jim Thome (September), who debuted in the same year.  Interestingly, Jamie Moyer and Omar Vizquel had earlier debuts that could have been in this set (but weren’t).

Player with the most cards in the set:  Babe Ruth – 10 cards.

Ruth has a 10 card subset which makes this category kind of confusing.

Current Player with the most cards in the set:  Roy Halladay – 6 cards.

Halladay was the player featured on the front of the packaging for this set.  He wins this by 1 over Joe Mauer, Miguel Cabrera and Mark Teixeira (who mistakenly has 2 base cards).

Halladay – #56 (NL Leader), #58 (NL Leader), #60 (NL Leader), #312 (IA), #399 (AS), #453

First Card and the Hundreds:  #1 – Josh Hamilton, #100 – David Price, #200 – Derek Jeter, #300 – Carl Crawford, #400 – Mark Teixeira, #500 – Rookie Parade Outfielders (Bourjos/Kalish/Nava/Heisey/Morrison)

Highest book value:  #460 – Justin Verlander SP

There aren’t any really significant rookie cards in the last 75 (SP) cards, and he’s the most valued regular player.

Most notable card:  #217 – Don Mattingly MG

This set is still so new, I was going to avoid this category.  But the first card Donnie Baseball as a manager seems pretty notable.

Best card (my opinion):  #81 – Jason Varitek

I’m far from a Red Sox fan, but this is a very cool card.  Cather’s mask? check.  Catcher’s mitt?  check.  Cool background?  check.  One of the last cards of a team captain?  check.  I was trying to figure out where the background is from, but can’t seem to place it.  If anyone knows – let me know.

Second best card (also my opinion): #1 – Josh Hamilton

This nudges out the Verlander from above and the cards for Miguel Cabrera, Ichiro and Cliff Lee.  At the time this card came out, Hamilton was the reigning MVP.  Just a crisp looking card all the way around, and the photo just seems to go with the design.

Best subset card:  #237 – San Francisco Giants “The Winners Celebrate” (Lincecum)

This card is the last of the World Series subset, and it honors the Giants first World Series victory since they moved to San Francisco.

Favorite action photo:  #317 – Ichiro IA

There aren’t really any action cards in the regular player cards for this set, so I had to go to the subsets to find one.  Naturally it’s from the “In Action” subset.  This card pays tribute to Ichiro tying Pete Rose for 10th seasons with 200+ hits.  Ichiro’s 10 all came consecutively, however.

Favorite non-action photo:  #81 – Jason Varitek (see above)

My Favorite Reds card:  #120 – Bronson Arroyo

A solid-looking pose for Arroyo.

Other Notable Cards:  Here’s those other 3 cards that I mentioned above.




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8 08 2012

Congrats on completing your set! I just purchased a bunch of packs of 2011 Heritage recently and am about 80% of the way towards complete. Any word on if Verlander and those palm trees will have some sort of “Classic Combos” card in the ’64 Heritage set? That’s two years in a row now they were featured together! 🙂

11 03 2016
Completed master set – one last look at 2011 Topps Heritage | Lifetime Topps project

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