Gint-A-Cuffs IV recap – A&G box break

5 08 2012

A few days ago I finished up with my participation in Gint-A-Cuffs IV.  Like last year, I loved the idea of this contest, group break comparison, or whatever you want to call it.  If not for Gint-A-Cuffs, I probably wouldn’t have bought Ginter this year or last year.  Just like last year (2011), I think I would eventually have purchased 2012 Ginter – but I’d be doing it much later.  Probably when I was finished (or close) with my lifetime Topps project.  I eventually want to collect Retro-themed sets, but first things first.  Ginter would get the temporary axe becuase it’s my least favorite of the Retro sets out there.

But that’s where Gint-A-Cuffs comes in.  There are two main reasons I enjoy doing a blog.  The first is that it’s a way to track progress on my card collection and get my thoughts down “on paper” (at least metaphorically) at the same time.  The other thing is the “blogging community” part.  Gint-A-Cuffs hits home on both of those things.  It’s fun posting the results of a box you bought and a few other folks doing the same.  I end up reading the backs of the cards way more than I otherwise would have.  There are a lot of cool things about Ginter – all the weird insert sets, and those make it a great box to do this with.  And I do think this year’s product was much better than last year’s.

I still think there are too many hard-to-find “chase cards” in Ginter, and too many mini parallels, too.  I could use a bit more than one third toward my set when I buy a box.   And it bugs me the super-short prints exist and are numbered 351-400.  But all those kinds of thing happens in many other products, so what can you do.

And here are the “stats” for the box.  You get 24% of the SPs in a box and 42% of the regular cards, so the SPs are not all that much rarer than base cards (they are slightly rarer than last year in comparison though, when you got 38%).  And if you do the math, the mini SPs (#301-350) are actually more plentiful than regular minis.

The amounts below also include the number of points I got toward Gint-A-Cuffs.  The math doesn’t always work as you’d expect for each category – because you gain/lose points for Yankees, Favorite Teams, Players and for things like being Jerry Bailey.  The total was 165 points.

24 packs per box * 8 cards per pack + 1 box topper – 3 cards for relics = 190 cards

126 of the 300 card base set (42% set completion) {7 points – with many of lost points for Yankees}

12 SP cards {24 points}

138 of the 350 card set (39.4% set completion)

10 Minis {1 point}

2 Mini SPs {6 points}

4 Mini A&G backs {8 points}

2 Mini black border {6 points}

12 What’s in a Name {32 points}

3 Murder in Willow Cove {9 points}

3 World’s Tallest Buildings {9 points}

3 Historical Turning Points {9 points}

3 Baseball Highlight Sketches {8 points}

1 mini Guys in Hats {4 points}

2 mini World’s Greatest Military Leaders {6 points}

1 mini People of the Bible {3 points}

1 mini Man’s Best Friend {3 points}

1 mini Musical Masters {3 points}

1 N43 (H. Ramirez) {5 points}

2 Relics (Andrus, McEnroe) {20 points}

1 Autograph (Kershaw) {10 points}

Here’s the picture highlights of the box:




5 responses

5 08 2012
night owl

I don’t care what your point totals say. To me, you got the best Gint-a-Cuffs box of any I’ve seen this year.

5 08 2012

Haha yeah, you’ve got the Dodger bias – but even I think that Kershaw auto was pretty awesome. With the McEnroe patch and the pretty rare hats card, I can’t argue. This box was way more fun to open than last year’s.

6 08 2012
Play at the Plate

That’s a nice box alright.

10 08 2012

Any chance you want to let loose of your Bible mini?

13 08 2012

Sorry I’m collecting those too!

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