Gint-A-Cuffs IV: 2012 Allen & Ginter Packs 17-20

31 07 2012

Two more posts to go, I doubt I’m looking like the winner.  I’ve only got 126 points, with 8 packs left.

Pack 17

#176 – Babe Ruth (-1 for Yankees).

#100 – Troy Tulowitzki.  No matter how many times I type it, I don’t know if I’ll ever remember how to spell Troy’s last name.

#103 – Alexei Ogando.

#55 – Colin Montgomerie.

#165 – Alex Avila.

#92 – Craig Kimbrel. (+2 for someone else’s FP).

#263 mini – Jason Motte.  Boo.  Cardinals.

#HTP13 – Industrial Revolution (+3 for Industrial Revolution).

Pack total: 4 points

Running total: 130 points

Pack 18

#224 – Adam Jones (+2 for someone else’s FP).

#71 – Curtis Granderson (-1 for Yankees).  Man there are a lot of Yankees in this set.

#270 – Anthony Rizzo.

#15 – Joel Hanrahan.  This card is pretty cool.  No scan from me since it’s not worth points – but it’s a relief pitcher with a bat.

#261 – Michael Taylor.

#344 – Matt Dominguez (+2 for SP).

#238 mini – Austin Jackson.

#WIN31 – Andrew Stefan McCutchen (+2 for What’s in a Name).  Probably the NL MVP this year.  I think Votto would have beaten him out, but that knee injury is going to be too much to overcome with how good McCutchen has been.

Pack total: 5 points

Running total: 135 points

The Yankees are really starting to drag this box down!!!

Pack 19

#28 – Dustin Ackley.

#197 – Ty Cobb.  Man, they have a lot of retired baseball players in this year’s set.  Way more than last year.  They had Mantle last year, but I’m not sure if they had any others.  This year there have been at least 10.

#264 – Brian McCann.

#102 – Huston Street.

#99 – Sandy Koufax.  See comment above about Cobb

#216 mini – Corey Hart (+2 for AG back mini).

#BH14 – Mickey Mantle (+3 for Baseball Highlight Sketches, -1 for the sins of being a Yankee).

#342 – Colby Lewis (+2 for SP).  Ouch, he just got put on the DL for the year…

Pack total: 6 points.

Running total: 141 points.

Pack 20

#268 – Angel Pagan.

#210 – Willie Mays.

#185 – Starlin Castro.

#202 – Jaime Garcia.

#205 – Tony Gwynn.  This is a really nice card of Gwynn.  It looked really familiar, though.

Hmmm, wait a minute, I think maybe I featured this on my blog already.

#WTB4 – Willis Tower (+3 for World’s Tallest Buildings).  I’m sorry, but this thing will always be the Sears Tower to me.

#ML5 mini – Cyrus the Great (+3 for World’s Greatest Military Leaders).  The first leader to be known as “The Great”.

#334 – Adrian Beltre (+2 for SP).

Pack total: 8 points

Running total: 149 points.

New Pace – 178 points.

These packs were pretty ho-hum.  My pace has really slowed of late.  The last four will be posted (I think) tomorrow.

MVP of the post: Not much competition here.  The Industrial Revolution beats out the other two cards that were worth 3 points.  I didn’t even know who Cyrus the Great was, and I refuse to acknowledge a card that calls the Sears Tower the Willis Tower.




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