Gint-A-Cuffs IV: 2012 Allen & Ginter Packs 9-12

26 07 2012

Almost halfway through my box of Ginter – I’m at 65 points through 8 packs, for a pace of 185.  Without further chitter chatter…

Pack 9

#226 – Jim Thome.

#78 – Joe Mauer (+2 for someone else’s FP).

#91 – Grady Sizemore.

#223 – CC Sabathia (-1 for Yankees).  I’m not going to post pictures for negative points.  Take my word for it, I pulled another Yankee.

#275 – Kerry Wood.  I’d have  to think this is one of his last cards.  It’s one of the few Ginter cards that is done decently as a horizontal card.

#HTP5 – Fall of the Berlin Wall (+3 for Historical Turning Points).

#300 mini – Roberto Clemente.  Another really nice card of a retired player.

#340 – Marty Hogan (+2 for SP).  This guy is apparently the best professional racquetball player in history, but his card makes me wonder if they’ll ever get the Hulkster in a Ginter set.  Whatcha Gonna Do!!!!

Pack total: 6 points

Running total: 71 points

Pack 10

#195 – Jhoulys Chacin.  As I mentioned, my wife helped me open this box, and this was another guy she could not figure out the name pronunciation.  Thus, Topps should nominate him for “What’s in a Name” – though I have no idea if he’s in the set or not.

#199 – Ricky Romero.

#75 – Erin Andrews.  I started posting all of these before the rules were out.  If she doesn’t get points, that’s a travesty, but regardless, she gets a scan on this blog!

#238 – Austin Jackson.

#AGR – John McEnroe (+10 for relic).  I think Johnny Mac was in last year’s set, not sure if he has a base card this year or not.  I’m excited to get a non-baseball relic!

#GH8 mini – Flat Cap (+4 for Guys in Hats mini).  This is supposedly a case hit (but only worth 4 points)!  So good for me!

#WIN4 – Antanasio Pérez Rigal (+2 for What’s in a Name, +1 for Reds FT).  Rounding out what I have to believe is the best pack in this box, is the Big Dog himself!  I didn’t know this – but his first name is actually Greek in origin (I did know he was from Cuba).  It means “eternal life” – here’s hoping the Big Red Machine RBI-man feels eternally young.  From one HOF to another – Barry Larkin’s induction was recently, and I didn’t think this through until I saw the ceremony that Larkin and Perez were actually teammates for one year.  In Larkin’s 1986 rookie year, he played alongside Big Red Machine members Perez, Dave Concepcion, and Pete Rose.  He’d also play with Ken Griffey Sr. later in his career.

Pack total: 17 points

Running total: 88 points.

Pack 11

#69 – Kurt Suzuki.

#216 – Corey Hart.

#43 – Josh Johnson.

#157 – Roger Federer.  Again, I didn’t know when I first wrote this up if he was gonna get points.  But he gets a picture on this blog, too!

#149 – Wilson Ramos.

#234 – Carlos Lee.

#180 mini – Tim Federowicz.

#WIN50 – Michael Jack Schmidt (+2 for What’s in a Name, +2 for someone else’s FP).  I’ll say it again.  Michael Jack Schmidt.  He’s one of those guys that people just seem to know his middle name.  Maybe because it’s just a cool name period.

Pack total: 4 points

Running total: 92 points.  Not a very good pack, at least Schmidt saved it.

Pack 12

#220 – James Brown.

#34 – Alex Gordon.

#287 – Hiroki Kuroda (-1 for Yankees).  Pitching the night (Monday) I scheduled this post.  It was also Ichiro’s debut.

#61 – Richard Petty.

#142 – Jose Reyes.

#BH11 – Nolan Ryan (+3 for Baseball Highlight Sketches).  This year Topps didn’t use this solely as sketches of highlights from the previous year.  Not sure if I like that, but it does allow for some sketches of old-timers like this one – which is a very nice card.

#125 mini – Ben Revere.

#335 – Alexei Ramirez (+2 for SP).

Pack total: 4 points

Running total: 96 points.

New Pace: 187 points.

OK – that’s the halfway point!  BTW, I calculated this by taking the point total, subtracting the 5 points I got for the box topper, and then extrapolating it out (in this case, multiply the 91 x 2, then add back the 5 points).  Not sure where I’ll end, but it’s not looking too good. I still have one “hit” out there.

MVP of the post – Johnny McEnroe argued his way past the guy with the flat cap (though for a case hit – I feel like that should be worth more than 4 points)!



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