Gint-A-Cuffs IV: 2012 Allen & Ginter Packs 5-8

25 07 2012

On to the next 4 packs of Ginter, my running total is 40 points.  This would put me on pace to get 215 points (35 in 4 packs x 6 = 210, plus the 5 points from the N43 box topper).

Pack 5

#218 – John Danks.

#134 – David Freese.

#23 – Yogi Berra.  (-1 for Yankees).  Come on!  Who doesn’t like Yogi Bear!!!

#10 – Dustin Pedroia.

#1 – Albert Pujols.

#NNO – Kerry Fulder (+3 for Murder in Willow Cove).  Kerry was friendly acquaintances with the murder victim.  They patronized each other’s businesses.  Sounds like he did it!!!

#35 mini – David Ortiz (+3 for mini black border).

#321 – Carl Crawford (+2 for SP).  Has there every been a more disappointing contract in MLB history?  I know there are worse ones, but you just knew the Red Sox overpaid for this guy.

#NNO – Murder Mystery promo card.

Pack total: 7 points

Running total: 47 points

Pack 6

#183 – Darwin Barney.

#64 – Matt Latos (+1 for Reds FT).  Haha, conveniently he was pitching on Monday night when I scheduled this post.  And it looks like he’s gonna get the win.  Somehow the Reds have managed to be on fire in Votto’s absence!

#32 – Ben Zobrist.

#53 – Hisashi Iwakuma.  My wife actually helped me open this box – we did so while killing time waiting on our baby to arrive.  She could not stop laughing at attempts to pronounce his name.

#242 – Alfonso Soriano.

#317 – Jayson Heyward (+2 for SP).

#149 mini – Wilson Ramos.

#NNO – Don Givens (+3 for Murder in Willow Cove).

Pack total: 6 points

Running total: 53 points.

New pace: 197 points.  The pace slowed after the last two packs.  It’s Boo Boo’s fault.

Pack 7

#212 – Ken Griffey, Jr (+4 for my FP)!!!!  To say this is a beauty is a real understatement.  It’s hard to mess up a card of Griffey from his early days.

#208 – Martin Prado.

#217 – Brian Wilson.

#107 – C.J. Wilson.

#76 – Michael Bourn.

#52 – Cameron Maybin.

#327 mini – John Lester (+3 for SP mini).

#WIN87 – Joseph Daniel Votto (+2 for What’s in a Name, +1 for Reds FT).

That turned out to be a pretty good pack – my FP and a card from my favorite team.

Pack total: 10 points.

Running total: 63 points.

Pack 8

#263 – Jason Motte.  I think the Cardinals should be worth negative points, not the Yankees!

#137 – George Brett.  Topps seemed to put more retired baseball HOF-ers than they did last year.

#14 – Nick Markakis.

#158 – Melky Cabrera.  How awkward was his All-Star Game MVP interview?

#88 – Stan Musial.  See my comment above about retired HOF-ers.  Also, I don’t mind getting this Cardinal – he obviously played way before the Cardinals were hated by Reds fans.

#139 – Tim Hudson.

#12 mini – Bryce Harper.  I wondered if there would be a negatron in the rules for this guy.

#WIN29 – Lynn Nolan Ryan (+2 for What’s in a Name).

Pack total: 2 points.

Running total: 65 points.

New Pace – 185 points.  Going in the wrong direction!  At least I got a Ken Griffey Jr., though.

MVP of the post – my favorite player, and the namesake of my little dachshund, Griffey!!!




2 responses

26 07 2012

I finally felt compelled to look up what the heck “Gint-A-Cuffs” is. I TOTALLY have to do this next year!

Sweet Griffey! (the card AND the dachshund. 🙂 I have two mini doxies myself!)

26 07 2012

Thanks! Yes, I had two dox growing up, 1 now.

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