Let’s Get it On!!! Gint-A-Cuffs IV: Box Topper and packs 1-4

24 07 2012

Starting my second attempt at Gint-A-Cuffs!  The rules seem a bit less daunting now that I’m a seasoned veteran – well, a sophomore really.  I’m still a bit nervous I’ll fudge the math somehow.  But I’ve got a second monitor up with the rules, so I’m minimizing the likelihood that my stupidity costs me a point!

Last year I had to pick between the two boxes I ordered, but this year I just got one.  I picked that box up from the LCS – The Baseball Card Store in Midland Park, NJ (which, as always – I recommend if you are ever in Bergen County).

My favorite team is, naturally – the Cincinnati Reds.

My favorite player is, also naturally, Ken Griffey Jr. – I was excited he was in this year’s version!

The Box Topper

#N43-HR – Hanley Ramirez (+5 points for N43)

An N43.  Not a great start – as it’s the easiest box topper.  I will say, I like these better than the ones from last year that had flowers or something on them.  Is that cannabis in the background????

Running total: 5 points

Pack 1

#54 – Al Kaline.

#174 – Ubaldo Jimenez.

#98 – Nelson Cruz.

#262 – Justin Verlander.  Best pitcher in the game.  He gets a scan even if he’s not worth a point.  Scratch that.  He’s actually worth 2 points – he was added later as a Favorite Player (+2 points for someone else’s FP)!  Now I need to update the point calcs for this and for future posts!

#182 – Colby Rasmus.  My buddy recently suggested that all the guys on Toronto are a bunch of roiding fools, including Rasmus.  I defended Rasmus, pointing out that Colby used to play for Tony LaRussa, who basically ran him out of St. Louis.  Tony LaRussa is known for many things, but he sure as hell has never run a guy juicing up out of his locker room 🙂

#278 – Fatal1ty.  This guy is apparently a big video game player.  Do you think his relic card is a piece of a Nintendo cartridge?

#204 mini – Adam Dunn.  My fantasy baseball team used to be named “trade Dunn for coneys”

#WIN16 – Jose Miguel Cabrera.  I did most of these posts prior to the rules, and assumed the What’s in a Name got me something.  Apparently I was wrong, but I already scanned these cards and thus I will show them!

Scratch that – they are worth points, I pointed this out while the great and mighty Gint-A-Cuff master made them worth some points (+2 for What’s in a Name).

Pack total: 4 points

Running total: 9 points

This was quite the Tigers pack!  And nearly a worthless pack!  A big fat zero four points – hopefully the first is the worst.  If I continued at this rate, I’ll end up with: 101 POINTS!!!!  Kind of like how George Bell should have hit 486 home runs based on his opening day that one year.

Pack 2

#267 – Neftali Feliz.

#105 – Arnold Palmer.  A solid addition to this year’s set.  But not worth anything!

#97 – Max Scherzer.

#145 – Drew Storen.

#36 – Kirk Herbstreit.  Putting him and Erin Andrews in here was interesting.

#NNO – Jack Guttman (+3 for Murder in Willow Cove).  Apparently this year’s “code” is a mystery.

#18 mini – Kevin Youkilis (+2 for A&G back).  The picture on this doesn’t really look all that much like Youk.  But I won’t show it because I want to prove the back is legit!

#314 – Michael Buffer (+2 for SP).  Along with Arnie, I got two very solid non-baseball additions to this pack.

Pack total: 7 points

Running total: 16 points.

New pace: 137 points.

Coming back from the abyss – but still on pace for a pretty weak total.  Some hits to come, though!

Pack 3

#285 – Ryan Zimmerman.

#211 – Keegan Bradley.  He’s a weird addition.  I know he won the PGA (I’d actually forgotten about it) – but that’s the worst major.  It’s barely above winning the Memorial or TPC.

#11 – Eric Hosmer.

#2 – Juan Pierre.

#29 – Hanley Ramirez.

#HTP14 – Emancipation Proclamation (+3 for Historical Turning Points).

#ML18 mini – William Wallace (+3 for World’s Greatest Military Leaders mini).

You may take our lives, but you can never take OUR FREEDOM!!!!  I hope I didn’t just break some Gint-A-Cuffs rule with that picture.

#306 – Ryan Howard (+2 for SP).

Pack total: 8 points

Running total: 24 points.

New pace: 157 points.  Keep moving on up with that point projection!

Pack 4

#154 – Bobby Hurley, Sr..

#74 – Johnny Cueto (+1 for Reds FT).

#49 – Jeremy Hellickson.

#79 – Yoenis Cespedes.

#AGA-CK – Clayton Kershaw (+10 for autograph).

Awesome!  On my 3rd all-time box of Allen & Ginter, I pull an autograph.  Kershaw was an FP last year, but I guess not this year, so no bonus.  But this is certainly a nice card.  Going up on eBay to help recoup some of this box.

#PB10 mini – Luke (+3 for People of the Bible).

Oh, no, I got confused and broke the rules again…

#WIN8 – Clifton Phifer Lee (+2 for What’s in a Name).

This was the Award Winners pack – the defending NL Cy Young and AL Rookie of the Year.

Pack total: 16 points

Running total: 40 points

New Pace: 215 points. [(35 x 6) + 5].

I said this last year; Rome wasn’t built in a day, and my box of Ginter won’t be broken in less than a week.  But there’s the start of my foray into 2012 Gint-A-Cuffs.

MVP of the post: Easily Clayton Kershaw, with the sweet auto!



5 responses

24 07 2012
Gregory Zakwin

what an amazing pull on the Kershaw, congrats! I was all ready to make an offer on it with every Reds card I have – some pretty nice ones haha – but I guess I’ll just have to watch that auction closely!

24 07 2012

Haha, yeah, I’m trying to make some back on the box – should have gotten it up earlier, but didn’t get to open the box til about a week later than I’d hoped…

25 07 2012
Gregory Zakwin

good luck on the sale!

25 07 2012

What is it with Reds fans pulling Kershaw hits? Usually it’s Nachos Grande.

25 07 2012

I don’t know, but it is a nice one.

It really isn’t fair, I agree. I still harbor some resentment against the Dodgers from the old NL West days. I never really hated the Dodgers – not with guys like LaSorda, Hershiser & Gibson. But still, I felt growing up like they were the Reds most common block to winning the division.

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