Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #3 Victory Summer Love

21 07 2012

This is my third “Saturday Suds” – where I’ll post a beer that has something to do with baseball (or at least I’ll try to figure out some way to correlate it with baseball).

Brewery:  Victory Brewing Company; Downington, PA

Beer:  Victory Summer Love Ale

Description:  A paler, yellow colored summer ale.  The other craft brew that I drank this summer was Pyramid.  This one is more hoppy, but still very drinkable – it still went down very smoothly and had a light finish.  Another really good beer for a hot summer day, but with a bit more flavor than some of the standard beers you’d find at a barbecue!

Medium:  I bought 2 6-packs and drank them over the past month or so.

How it’s related to baseball:  It’s got a baseball behind the beer name on the logo – and a shadow caricature of batter beneath it.  And it’s a summer seasonal.  Other than that, there’s nothing in particular, but I bought it because I saw the baseball on the logo and I’d heard of Victory Brewing.  And I enjoyed the 6 pack I polished off last month – so that earns this beer a post on my blog!




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