Completed insert set – 2011 Allen & Ginter Baseball Highlight Sketches

17 07 2012

It’s nice to get to an insert set from Ginter that has something to do with baseball.

Info about the set:

Set description: “Full size cards featuring reproductions of original artist sketch cards showcasing the greatest baseball highlights of the year and of all time!”  This is a set that Topps does every year for Allen & Ginter.

Set composition: 25 cards, 1:6 odds (2011 Allen & Ginter’s)

Hall of Famers: None – the set is all current players

How I put the set together:

  • 8 cards from the 2 hobby boxes
  • 1 card via trade
  • 14 cards from Sportlots
  • 2 cards from eBay

Thoughts on the set:  Most of the sketches are very well done.  A few, like the A-Rod, are done a bit “sketch-y”.  Haha, you like how I did that.  But after mostly looking at specialty inserts, it’s cool to do a baseball insert set.  Plus, it’s a good representation of what happened in the 2010 season.

Card that completed my set:  #BHS5 – Albert Pujols

I’m kind of going off memory, but I’m pretty sure this was one of 2 cards I got in an eBay purchase of a lot of 15 A&G inserts back in January.  It commemorates Pujols becoming one of the youngest players to reach 400 home runs.

Highest book value:  #BHS18 – Stephen Strasburg, #BHS5 – Albert Pujols

Best card (my opinion):  #BHS25 – Ichiro

Ichiro Suzuki extends his own record with his 10th consecutive 200-hit season.  The 10 seasons overall ties the all-time record held by Pete Rose.  This card is pretty funny – Topps references Rose on the back, but not by name.  They just say “the all-time hit king” is the only guy with 10 200-hit seasons that aren’t in a row.

BHS12 is a close second.  Jim Joyce blew a call at first that would have given Armando Galarraga a perfect game.  This, combined with the class the 2 of them showed later on, was probably the most memorable moment of the season.  I would have probably picked this one, but Ichiro’s card is a much better sketch.

My Favorite Reds card:  #BHS15 – Aroldis Chapman

The first pitcher to record a 105-MPH fastball, and the sketch is nicely done.  The Jay Bruce walk-off, division-clinching home run card is a great card.  It’s a close up of the shot that is also included from his base Topps card from 2011.

Here’s the list of these cards – and the 2010 event commemorated.

  • BHS1 – Target Field opens in Minneapolis to a Twins victory
  • BHS2 – Jay Bruce’s walk-off home run clinched the NL Central for the Reds, sending them to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years
  • BHS3 – Starlin Castro becomes the youngest player to homer in his first at bat, and knocks in 6 runs in a drubbing of the Reds
  • BHS4 – Roy Halladay hurls the second postseason no-hitter ever, ruining that first Reds playoff game in 15 years
  • BHS5 – Albert Pujols hits his 400th career home run, the 46th player to do so
  • BHS6 – Jose Bautista’s 54 homer outburst paces the majors by 13 shots, the largest margin since 1965
  • BHS7 – CC Sabathia wins his 150th game
  • BHS8 – Cody Ross is a San Francisco Giants’ postseason hero after being picked up on the waivers from Florida
  • BHS9 – Edwin Jackson throws the second no-hitter in Diamondback history
  • BHS10 – Ryan Howard hits his 250th home run, the fastest player to do so
  • BHS11 – Trevor Hoffman becomes the first pitcher to record 600 saves
  • BHS12 – Armando Galarraga loses a perfect game after a blown call by first base umpire Jim Joyce
  • BHS13 – Tim Lincecum leads the Giants to their first World Series title in San Francisco
  • BHS14 – Mariano Rivera notches his 550th save
  • BHS15 – Chapman fires a 105.1 MPH pitch
  • BHS16 – Dallas Braden hurls a perfect game on Mother’s Day
  • BHS17 – Cliff Lee shuts down the Rays in a decisive game 5 to give the Rangers their first postseason series victory.
  • BHS18 – Stephen Strasburg lives up to the hype in his debut
  • BHS19 – Matt Garza throws the first no-hitter in Tampa Bay franchise history
  • BHS20 – Alex Rodriguez hits his 600th home run, the 7th (and youngest) player to do so
  • BHS21 – David Wright becomes the youngest Mets player to reach 1,000 hits (this one is easily the biggest stretch to include in this set as a “highlight”)
  • BHS22 – Ubaldo Jimenez throws the first no-hitter in Rockies history
  • BHS23 – Mark Teixeira hits his 250th home run
  • BHS24 – Jason Heyward hits a homer in his first swing in the majors
  • BHS25 – Ichiro Suzuki extends his own record with his 10th straight 200-hit season.



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