Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #1 – Pyramid Curve Ball Ale

7 07 2012

I’m going to do something a little different here.  99% of the time this is a baseball card blog, and the other 1% has usually been something baseball related, like the Reds clinching the division or something like that.  Well this one’s going to be a little different.  First – a pretty big sports story is the match in the All England Club tomorrow.  I’m a decent tennis fan, and most of my fandom from tennis is because of the rise of this guy:

I know Murray getting to the final at Wimbledon is a huge deal.  It’s a bigger deal than Federer getting his 17th Grand Slam and regaining the #1 ranking.  But I feel like this might be Fed’s last chance, and a 17th title would go a long way toward shutting up the idiots who don’t think he’s the greatest player of all time.  So I hope he wins tomorrow.

That sideshow out of the way, here’s my next sideshow.  Since I moved to New Jersey 2 years ago, I had fewer good friends to hang out with on a daily basis, so I got to doing some George Thorogood “I drink alone” out here.  OK, well, at first it was with my wife, but now that she’s pregnant, there’s usually 2-3 nights a month where it’s just me drinking but her and I watching the Reds on MLB Extra Innings (frustrating of late).  There’s a liquor / beer store just down the street, so I’ve tried a few different beers.  Some of them now are summertime beers, and some of them even have some correlation with baseball – there’s nothing like beer and a hot dog at a baseball game, right?  I like to track things, and the best place for me to keep track of things is by posting on this blog.  So here’s my first “Saturday Suds” – where I’ll post a beer that has something to do with baseball (or at least I’ll try to figure out some way to correlate it with baseball).

Brewery:  Pyramid Breweries, Seattle, WA

Beer:  Pyramid Curve Ball Blonde Ale

Description:  A golden-colored summer seasonal ale, I thought Pyramid was pretty good.  It goes down easy, it isn’t super hoppy, and it’s not really bitter at all.  This is perfect for a summer beer in my opinion.  Could it be more “interesting” – I guess.  But when it’s 100 degrees and you’re wanting refreshment, a hoppy IPA isn’t what I want.  This beer tastes kind of like an American light beer but with a little more flavor.

Medium:  I bought a 6-pack and drank it over a couple of weekends.

How it’s related to baseball:  It’s called Curve Ball!  It has a baseball on the front!  It’s a summer seasonal!  And if you go to their website, you can enter a contest to win free tickets to a baseball game of your choice!  I played, it was fun, though they misspelled Cal “Ripkin” on one of their questions…




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