Waiting until the last minute of the Topps Diamond Giveaway

30 06 2012

Today was the last day you could just about everything (redeem codes, trade cards, dig, etc.) for the Topps Diamond Giveaway.  I believe the one thing you can still do is request delivery until the end of July.  I stopped biding my time about a week ago and went onto the site to take delivery of my cards.  I didn’t realize how it worked, but I also had 2 “Factory sets” as prizes in my queue.  I was wondering about those – for some reason I assumed they would be sent when I won them, then forgot about them.  But they actually showed up when I went to redeem the other cards.  Also, it ended up earning me free delivery, so that was pretty cool – I guess when you’ve won a prize, you get free shipping instead of the total rip-off if you have to pay (like 3 bucks first card, 50 cents each additional).

I have quite the plan for these.  I think I’m going to try to sell one set, but for the other I’ll try to sell some team sets and keep the box to put my 2011 base set.

As mentioned, I also got some cards.  Here they are, basically in chronological order.  Naturally, the older cards are in worse condition.  That McMillan would be pretty good if it wasn’t completely offset.  The McMillan and the other Red, the 1960 Rookie Stars Ted Wieand, were two cards I was looking forward to seeing.  Too bad they’re in bad shape, but I guess that gives them “character”.  The McRae and Reuss from 1973 are pretty cool cards – I turned down a number offers for each of those cards.

Next up, cards from the mid-late 1970’s.  The 1975 MVPs with Ernie Banks was the one I got the most trade offers for, and now I wish I’d have taken the best one.  It’s really in bad share.  Not only are the corners beyond rounded, the card has a wax stain on the back.  Oh well, what can you do.  Overall, some nice cards here as I wrap up my 2011 Topps extravaganza.



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30 06 2012

If you break up the diamond anniversary set, I would be interested in the Giants.

2 07 2012
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