2012 Topps Archives Fan Favorites – autographs

21 06 2012

All-Time Fan Favorites Autographs – 75 cards (1:12)

There are 41 Fan Favorite Short Print inserts, which I posted on yesterday.  All of them are available in autographed versions.  But there are even more Fan Favorite Autographs – 34 more to be exact.  The list of those cards is below – these cards are again old Topps designs with new pictures.

Dick Groat (61), Bobby Richardson (66), Bud Harrelson (69), Cleon Jones (69), Maury Wills (70), Boog Powell (71), Mickey Lolich (73), Hank Aaron (73) Bill Lee (74), Al Oliver (77) George Foster (78), Greg Luzinski (78), Bob Boone (79), Amos Otis (79), Doug DeCines (80), Bob Grich (80), Buddy Bell (81), Ben Oglivie (81), Joe Charboneau (81), Willie Wilson (81), Steve Rogers (83), Ron Kittle (84), Steve Balboni (86), Tommy Herr (86), Wally Backman (86), Roger McDowell (87), Carney Lansford (90), Bobby Thigpen (91), Doug Drabek (91), Denny Martinez (92), Jimmy Key (96), Ray Lankford (98), Gary Carter (75), Yu Darvish (86), Hank Aaron (94 Archives)

Since he recently passed away, The Carter is a sticker autograph (the only one in the product).  And the Darvish is a little different from the others – while every other card is that player on a design he was previously featured, Darvish is put on a 1986 design.  Finally, the 2nd Hank Aaron card is actually a buyback of an old Topps Archives card – the 1994 Archives set.  So it’s a buyback auto of a reprint from 1954, with the Fan Favorite stamp added.  It’s numbered out of 25.  All three of those cards have their own odds listed separately on the packs of Archives.

There’s a couple of other things notable / interesting about a few of these autos that didn’t make my list above because they have a non-autographed Fan Favorite card in the regular set:

  • The Bryce Harper autograph was a late addition and is similar to the Yu Darvish – he obviously doesn’t have a card from an older Topps set, so his is on the 1984 Topps design.  I thought of this after posting yesterday, but it would have been cooler if Topps did Harper’s card as a 2011 Topps design (and, again, if they hadn’t short-printed the hell out of it).
  • Sid Bream added various Bible inscriptions to his autographed cards.  I actually got one of these in an eBay lot – he put “Romans 10:13” on mine.  I’m by no means very religious, but this piqued my curiosity, so I looked that up – “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”.
  • Jose Oquendo has a card in the SPs of the base set on the 1988 design, and the picture looks like he’s playing short stop.  However, there are 9 different photos (1 of which is the same as the base set) of his autographed card.  This was done in honor of him playing every position on the diamond at some point during the 1988 season.

I’m actually trying to collect all the autos on the list above, except for the much more expensive Carter, Aaron, Darvish, and the Aaron Archives card.  Here’s the photos of what I’ve got so far, next to the original card.

1961 – Dick Groat

1966 – Bobby Richardson

1969 – Cleon Jones

1973 – Mickey Lolich

1977 – Al Oliver

1979 – Amos Otis

1991 – Bobby Thigpen

1992 – Dennis Martinez




4 responses

21 06 2012
The Shlabotnik Report

How goofy is it that they used a “Right-handed pitcher” logo for Mickey Lolich, when you can clearly see that he’s left-handed. The graphics person at Topps probably didn’t realize that there were two different logos for pitchers.

21 06 2012

Ha – I definitely didn’t notice that either!

22 06 2012

and where is Amos Otis’ bat in the original 79. Just a bizarre picture without it.

22 06 2012

It’s actually there – it’s just a really weird shade of brown and it’s parallel with the seats, so it kind of blends into the background

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