2012 Topps Archives – cards #151-200 (1984 design)

17 06 2012

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

The last design from the Topps quartet of cards in the 2012 Archives set is 4 years later – the 1984 Topps set.  Similar to the 1983 set, the card front features a dual picture format.  The front has a white border featuring a large photo with a cameo portrait in the bottom left-hand corner and the Topps logo in the top right-hand corner.  The team name is positioned vertically in team colors on the left-hand side, while the player name and position is shown across the bottom right part of the border.  The blue card back features the team logo in the upper right-hand corner, player stats from each season and career totals, and if there’s room, 1983 season highlights.

Gary Carter

There are 3 players in the Archives 1984 grouping who had cards in the 1984 set.  The first one was, like Ozzie Smith in the 1980 set, given the wrong team.  Gary Carter played most of his Hall of Fame career in Montreal, coming over to New York to rally the talented Mets.  He’s often credited as the guy who got them to reach their potential and finally winning that 1986 World Series.  All that is great and good, but he was still with the Expos through the end of the 1984 season.  While it’s a little bit closer to correct than Ozzie on a 1980 Topps card with the Cardinals.  Putting him with the Mets on this card design, well, it just doesn’t look right.  Plus, his actual 1984 card is a beauty – so no contest here!

Jim Rice

New Hall of Famer (fairly new, anyways) Jim Rice is the next player here.  He’s got the right uniform on, though like the George Brett card from the 1980’s, Topps can’t get that part wrong since Boston was the only team he played for.

The era looks about right here, the Archives card (to the left) maybe a little bit later than the 1984 card (to the right).  In fact, these cards in general look pretty similar.  I actually like the Archives card a little bit better.

Nolan Ryan

The last player in both sets with the ’84 design is Mr. Strikeout himself, Nolan Ryan.  Topps got the uniform right and it looks like they’re pretty close in getting the year right as well.

Like the Rice card, I feel like the Archives card (to the left) is a little bit later in the decade.  I also like the Archives card here a little bit better than the ’84 card – Ryan’s ’84 Topps card is one of my least favorite of his cards.

Finally, here’s a few more cards from this grouping that I liked.  It seemed to me like there were not as many great photos as the 1980 subset.  But still some good ones:



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