Topps Archives comparison #4 – comparing Topps 3-D

10 06 2012

Archives 3-D – 15 cards (1:8)

My second to last insert comparison for Topps Lineage was my favorite of the standard insert sets in last year’s Topps Lineage product – the Topps 3-D set.  The 1968 3-D test set consisted of about 12 cards, and is an extremely rare find.  The current year set has 15 cards, but unlike the 2011 Lineage set, there are some retired players to go with a few current players.

One of those retired players was in the original 1968 test set, so I do have a comparison here.  I don’t have the Archives card yet, so I had to grab it from the internet, but the great Roberto Clemente was the most notable player in the test set.  He’s one of 2 Hall of Famers featured in the ’68 3D test set.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these photos!


The other Hall-of-Famer in the 1968 set is Big Red Machine RBI-man Tony Perez.  This was early in Tony’s career – the photo had to have come in 1967, which was his first year playing every day for the Reds.  He did make the All-Star team that year and in 1968, so he was certainly a player on the rise.  There’s an excellent comparison here, which was one I could do last year as well.  The Reds currently have a big RBI-man at first base who is in the early stages of his career.  But Votto may be showing even more promise than the young Perez was!  He’s one of the best players in baseball and already has one National League MVP award; he’s an apt comparison here.

Boog Powell won an MVP for the 1970 World Champion Orioles.  He had his 3 best seasons (1966, 1969 and 1970) in the 4 pennant-winning seasons his Orioles had (the other being their loss to Clemente’s Pirates in 1971).  Similar to Perez, who never led the league in a statistical category, Powell had only one “black number” – he led the AL in slugging in 1964.  He hit 339 homers and knocked in nearly 1200 runners, and is one of the great Orioles in history.  Today, you can get a pretty good barbecue sandwich from “Boog’s BBQ” on Eutaw Street inside Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

I compared him to Ryan Howard last year, this year I’ll compare him to Miguel Cabrera, who was a slugging first-baseman with a few MVP caliber seasons – though he’s since moved to 3rd base with the addition of Prince Fielder.

The last group I’ll show are two Yankee pitchers.  Stottlemyre was about to have the 2nd of his 3 career 20-win seasons.  CC Sabathia has had one 20-win season for the Bronx Bombers, and he seems on his way to a potential second one this year.




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28 12 2012
Completed insert set – 2012 Topps Archives 3D « Lifetime Topps project

[…] Here’s my previous post comparing the current set with the old set.  The set has a white border with a yellow player name and a pink oval with the team name.  The cards have (naturally) a 3D effect, and are blank-backed and unnumbered like the 1968 cards.  The old set had 12 cards, this year’s version has 15 cards. […]

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