Topps Archives #1 – comparing 1967 Topps Stickers

7 06 2012

Archives 1967 Topps Stickers – 25 cards (1:8)

My first look / comparison for Topps Archives is the ’67 Topps Stickers.  Specifically, this sticker insert set is based on two 33-card regional test sets from 1967 that was done for the Pirates and Red Sox.

Topps made this a 25-card insert set – this is one case where I think they should have gone with a few more cards.  I think mirroring the 33 cards from the ’67 sets would have been cool.  Plus, they could have done a couple of fun ones like the “Clemente for Mayor” or “Conigliaro is my Hero” cards at the end of the ’67 sets.

There are 6 retired and 19 current players in this set – so it leans very heavily toward today’s players.  But there is one easy comparison to start off with.  Carl Yastrzemski is in the ’67 Red Sox sticker set and in the 2012 Archives sticker insert.  Yaz won the AL triple crown in 1967 – the last one MLB has seen.  So he’s a great choice here.  The 1967 sticker is on the right, the 2012 Archives version is on the left.  Frankly, I kind of like the old one better.  The new one looks like it’s trying to be old school.  The old one really is old school – from the lettering to the floating head not being encased, and the letter not being separate from the background shape.  It looks like Yaz’s head could fly right out of that picture and hit up Shaggy and Scoob for some Scooby snacks!

Topps has one current Red Sox player in the Archives set – first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.  George Scott was the first baseman for the 1967 team that went to the World Series and lost in 7 games to the Cardinals.  A pretty good comparison.  Scott was 10th in the ’67 MVP voting, while Gonzalez was 7th last year.  Both won the AL Gold Glove at first.  This one is a little bit more of a race – I like the Gonzo one better than the 2012 Yaz sticker for sure.  They snipped his face in a weird (unflattering) kind of way, but it’s note encased like the Yaz, and the lettering just seems a bit better.  Still, I like the Scott one better.  He’s smiling, and they snipped his image correctly.  He definitely looks like he could go for some Scooby snacks!

Lastly, I wanted to get a comparison in here from the Pirate set.  But there aren’t any Pirates in the 2012 set.  So I get to use some liberty here.  Willie Stargell was one of the better Pirate players back in the late 60’s.  It was the early 70’s when he really turned into a Hall of Famer, and he didn’t even get the nickname “Pops” until his later years, but he was a great hitter on a World Champion team with a cool nickname.  Kung Fu Panda seems to fit that bill as well.

I like the Stargell one, too.  But I’d actually give Kung Fu Panda the edge.  Also – talk about a card they could have had some fun with!  Doing nicknames would have been a good idea.

Here’s a few more current ones to look at – these are what I pulled from my first box.  I like the Maris – they got the team right for 1967.




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13 04 2014
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